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Eco Tours: See Galiano As You’ve Never Seen It

Private EcoTours

Explore the beauty of Galiano Island with an experienced naturalist as your guide.

Our experienced staff can tailor tours to fit all ages, interests, locations and hiking abilities.  Tours are generally 2-5 hours long, and are vailable year round.  Contact us to book a private tour.


  • Adult – $10 / hour
  • Youth – $7 / hour (youth under 18 must be accompanied by adult)
  • Children under 3 – free

Transportation is not included.   If you are a group of 3 or less, we can arrange a ride but will need to charge extra.

Minimum fee requirements: $30 / hour, and 2 hour tour. All proceeds support our education youth programs.

Suggested Tours

Feel free to let us know if you have a topic or destination in mind that you don’t see here.  

Get to Know your Garry Oaks

Join the us for a refreshing hike through a Coastal Douglas-fir forest leading to a scenic look-out in an endangered Garry Oak meadow. You will learn some of its attributes and historical background and why this ecosystem is so precious.

Where the Beavers Live

Discover the wonders of wetlands at the hidden Great Beaver Swamp. This wetland is maintained by beaver activity and contains a beaver lodge and dams, rare red-legged frogs, rough-skinned newts, many birds, dragonflies and aquatic insects. An easy forest walk will lead to this hidden jewel amongst the Big Leaf Maple and the busy beaver. This can be a great adventure during the daytime or at dusk.

Secrets of the Forest

Join us for a trail hike through the Pebble Beach Nature Reserve. We will encounter beautiful beaches and three types of forest: a mature forest that was logged selectively in the early 1900s, a 30-year-old untouched plantation forest, and a plantation forest that has undergone restoration. Learn about the Coastal Douglas-fir ecosystem, provincially and globally ranked as imperiled, as well as some history of the logging on Galiano.

A Walk in the Watershed

Here on a small scale you can see, experience and understand an entire watershed within a compact area. Take a scenic hike on uneven terrain from Laughlin Lake, down salmon restored Greig Creek to the ocean at Retreat Cove. A visit to the Galiano Conservancy’s Native Plant Nursery may also be included.

Marine Life Encounter

Montague Harbour Provincial Park is a stunning and ideal location for a shoreline excursion full of exploration. You will discover life in the intertidal zone, encounter a coastal forest and observe the plethora of sea creatures attached to the dock. As well, remarkable First Nations’ history is in evidence at this site.

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