Coastal Forest Rescue (Gr. 5-7)

Students will help restore a plantation forest to a healthy ecosystem—and feel empowered by taking action. To start students will engage in an interactive teaching train, where participants are given the opportunity to teach each other more about the forest and the plants that are found there. Then students will take part in “FUSSS”, a reflective activity that involves analyzing the Feeling, Understory, Size, Spacing and Soil in a complex mature forest. After hiking to our restoration forest, FUSSS will be done again to consider the difference between the two ecosystems. To finish, groups will have the opportunity to help in restorative forestry practices through working together to pull down a tree – thus allowing more light to the forest floor and new regrowth to occur!

Curriculum Link: Identify and describe a variety of solutions to address the issue of natural resource management. (Gr 5)

Where: The Millard Learning Centre on Galiano Island, and the surrounding forests. 

When: This program is available at your convenience. It takes about 5 hours and yes, you can do it in a day trip from Vancouver or Victoria. 

Cost: $32/student

Where do we meet? We will meet you at the Galiano Ferry Terminal—all you need to do is get there. 

Special equipment or clothing?  Dress for variable Gulf Islands weather: warm sweaters, sturdy footwear, and sunscreen. 

Food and water: Bring your own lunches and drinking water. 

Logistics: Planning Your Trip to Galiano

Do you qualify for a program bursary? 


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