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10 Reasons to Choose Galiano School Programs

Why pick school programs on on Galiano? 

1. First, there’s our 188 acre off-the-grid living classroom at the Millard Learning Centre.  Visit for the day, or stay overnight with your class at this rustic and comfortable facility. The Learning Centre boasts green technology and infrastructure that is a model for sustainable community living within the natural environment.

2. You can engage in unique nature-based learning just a short ferry ride away from the cities.

3. Your students can practice cutting-edge restoration techniques such as a tree pull in a dense plantation forest.

4. Visit our Forest Garden and become a farmer for the day! Snack on delicious plants while learning about food security.

5. Get your hands in the salty ocean water while taking a close look at intertidal species in “What A Marine Life!”.

6. Engage in kinesthetic learning – trek into a mature forest and then a plantation forest – see, smell, touch and feel the difference.

7. Take a trip back in time to grasp ecological and cultural history by visiting a midden at Montague Beach that is thousands of years old. Hear firsthand stories of the land as we collaborate with First Nations teachers.

8. Observe the wild & natural world on Galiano Island by experiencing interspecies interaction with eagles, sea anemones, and arbutus trees – species not often encountered in urban life.

9. Hike into experiential learning on one of our many trails in our Back Country Experience and camp at the Millard Learning Centre.

10. Real World Problem Solving – Standardized tests in the classroom can make the world appear black & white. Getting outside on Galiano Island will offers students the chance to immerse themselves in real life environmental issues where there are many answers—and even more questions for them to ponder.

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As a great outdoor enthusiast, Britt has a deep respect for the environment. She completed a B.A. in Geography and Environmental Studies from University of Victoria and is currently working on her Masters of Environmental Education and Communication online with Royal Roads University. Britt also focused on the practical side of her outdoor enthusiasm by completing the Canadian Outdoor Leadership Training (COLT) at Strathcona Park Lodge. She is trained as a Sea Kayak Guide, Canoe Instructor and Hiking Guide. She also comes from an international background of sailing and conservation. Her work involves interpreting the mysteries of the natural world from the forest to the sea for all ages. She is passionate about indigenous cultural restoration as well as environmental restoration.

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