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Below is a list of articles that have appeared in the Media about Galiano Conservancy activities, in chronological order.

Interning at the Galiano Conservancy, Island Tides, September 22 2016

Frieda shares her summer experiences from Galiano, working on a variety of projects with the Galiano Conservancy. Download PDF [912.17 KB]

Learning Centre Dedication Ceremony September 24, Galiano Active Page, September 2016

Join us September 24th from 1-3:30pm to celebrate the Millard family’s contributions to conservation on Galiano, and for the official unveiling of the new Learning Centre sign. Download PDF [591.67 KB]

Galiano Learning Centre Dedication Ceremony- Island Tides, September 8 2016

Read about the Dedication Ceremony for the contributions and dedication of the Millard family to Galiano, in the Island Tides this week.  Download PDF [655 KB]

Conservancy Catch Up- Galiano Active Page, September 2016

Catch up this month sends a big thanks out to everyone who made the Walkalong a success this year. Food forest garlic planting party to come this fall! Download PDF [769.51 KB]

Music in the Forest: The Fourth Annual Walkalong for Learning—Galiano Active Page, August 2016

An article by board member Loren Wilkinson about the upcoming Walkalong event August 27 – a memorable day for friends and family to enjoy music along over 8km of diverse trails. Download PDF [54.25 KB]

Conservancy Catch Up—Galiano Active Page, August 2016

Catch up this month features the Walkalong for Learning community event and food forest garlic sales to the community. Yum! Download PDF [2.45 MB]

Conservancy Catch Up—Galiano Active Page, July 2016

Catch up this month features the upcoming Walkalong community event, the 4th annual UVic field school at the Learning Centre, the 3rd annual Galiano Kid’s Campout, and ongoing Eco Tours available. Download PDF [667.90 KB]

Conservancy Catch Up—Galiano Active Page, June 2016

The Catch Up this month focuses on the June 18th Annual General Meeting and the several community open houses to talk to the community about our plans to rezone the Learning Centre property for environmental education. Download PDF [1.39 MB]

Conservancy Catch Up—Galiano Active Page, May 2016

This month’s Catch Up focuses on the successful restoration of Chrystal Cove at the Learning Centre, which saw a number of community volunteers come out to plant native species throughout this area. The cove is the only disturbed area within a 2km stretch of intact old growth shoreline forest – and now it is recovering well. Download PDF [12.19 MB]

Conservancy Catch Up—Galiano Active Page, March 2016

This month’s Catch Up focuses on local education programs and welcoming our new Agricultural Coordinator to the team. Download PDF [3.11 MB]

Conservancy Catch Up—Galiano Active Page, February 2016 

Lots happening in the new year at the Conservancy! Read more about the new positions we are hiring for, the launch of the Seed Library of Galiano, the Rockfish and Marine Conservation Workshop in March, the return of Science Camp and more! Download PDF [744.85 KB]

Conservancy Catch Up—Galiano Active Page, December 2015

Come out and join a community restoration party December 11th 2015 at the Learning Centre! A moderate amount of enjoyable work healing the land at Crystal Cove and lots of fun with your friends! Download PDF [1.28 MB]

Galiano Learning Centre Inspires—Gulf Islands Driftwood, November 18 2015

Joining Natalie Ban’s UVic Environmental Studies course tour of the Learning Centre, writer Elizabeth Nolan offers an inspired account of progress to date and exciting current and future plans for the Learning Centre.
Download PDF [7.23 MB]

B.C. conservationist Ken Millard led fight to protect Galiano’s habitat—The Globe And Mail, Nov 2 2015

A descriptive obituary article by Rod Mickleburgh about Ken’s life and legacy, highlighting the development of the Galiano Conservancy and its work. Read Article

Ken Millard—Galiano Active Page, November 2015

Written by board member Loren Wilkinson, here is a poignant article detailing Ken’s celebration of life on October 11th 2015 and his contributions to Galiano. Download PDF [2.59 MB]

The Extraordinary Life and Legacy of Ken Millard (1941-2015)—Island Tides, October 15 2015

Written by one of our board members, Suzanne Fournier, this article recognizes and describes Ken’s achievements and the way in which he made a positive impact on both the local and regional community, and the people therein. Download PDF [1.34 MB]

Galiano Island field school breathes new life into learning—UVic The Ring, September 8 2015

A UVic article featuring the July 2015 restoration field school that was based at the Galiano Learning Centre and hosted by the Galiano Conservancy. The Conservancy offered project possibilities for students to focus on that included the foraging food forest, geocaching and historical land use on DL57. Read Article

Conservancy Catch Up—Galiano Active Page, September 2015

Download PDF [372.80 KB]

Conservation Project Aims at Food Sustainability—Times Columnist, August 30 2015

An article highlighting the Learning Centre’s food forest project, which offers a chance for meaningful community engagement in sustainable food production and reconnection with the land that feeds us through permaculture techniques and medicinal foods. Read Article

Conservancy Catch Up—Galiano Active Page, August 2015

August’s Catch Up focuses on the Food Forest workshop coming up this October and the Walkalong for Learning event happening August 29th. Download PDF [726.57 KB]

UVic at the Galiano Conservancy—Island Tides, August 6, 2015

July 3-11 2015 saw the third installment of an intensive restoration and sustainability field course run by UVic Environmental Studies Professor Eric Higgs. Read board member Suzanne Fournier’s article for more information. Download PDF [1,008.04 KB]

New Glass Sponge Reef Fishing Closures Off Galiano—Department Of Fisheries And Oceans, June 2015

DFO has set fishing closures around nine glass sponge reefs in the Strait of Georgia and Howe Sound. One is right off Galiano’s southeast point close to Active Pass. Click for more information including maps and coordinates for your GPS when you’re out on the water. An important and threatened ecosystem to protect. Read Article

Conservancy Catch Up—Galiano Active Page, July 2015

July’s Catch Up highlights the 3rd annual Walkalong for Learning, happening August 29th! Bring your family and friends and join us for a beautiful musical walk through Galiano’s protected areas network and a deilcious celebration at the Learning Centre to end the day. A food forest workshop, led by experts, is happening at the Learning Centre this October. Registration starts now, contact us for more details. Download PDF [321.27 KB]

Conservancy Catch Up—Galiano Active Page, June 2015

June’s Conservancy Catch up highlights our AGM – first ever to be hosted on the Learning Centre property – on June 6th, and the Galiano Kids Campout, which is returning for its second year this July. Download PDF [271.03 KB]

Galiano and Penelakut Islands: Foraging for the Future—Island Tides, May 28 2015

Check out the recent article about a highly collaborative project involving the Conservancy’s food forest, Access to Media Society (AMES), Penelakut elders and students, and ethnobotany experts from Galiano and University of Victoria. Read Article

Galiano Conservancy Field Course Participant Wins National Prize, April 2015
Congratulations to Navi Smith for her accomplishment in university and community engagement, having led to her receiving the 2015 3M national Student Fellowship. Navi joined us in February 2013 for the first UVic Environmental Studies Restoration field course on Galiano led by Professor Eric Higgs. Read Article

Conservancy Catch Up—Galiano Active Page, April 2015

April’s Conservancy Catch up higlights Science Camp activities in April and May, as well as the upcoming food forest public talk with permaculture experts Richard Walker and Gavin Bernakevitch. Lastly, a call out for volunteers to help with the summer’s education programs – an invaluable resource to help us keep programs accessible and affordable to underpriviledged children and youth in our region. Thank you to our volunteers! Download PDF [302.09 KB]

Does Dirt Make You Happy?—Modern Farmer (Online), August 27, 2014

This intriguing article by Anna Brones examines recent research into the microbiological health benefits of getting your hands dirty and getting some fresh air out in a natural setting. Read Article

Conservancy Catch Up—Galiano Active Page, March 2015
March’s Conservancy Catch up focuses on spring programs, planning underway for the food forest at the Learning Centre, and our outreach efforts for rockfish conservation in the Southern Gulf Islands. Download PDF [1.85 MB]

Conservancy Catch Up and Articles—Galiano Active Page, February 2015

February’s Catch Up highlights the new hand-carved wooden entrance sign at the Learning Centre, which wood worker Arnim Rodeck from Maple Bay created for us. A beautiful piece of artwork! The design and planning charrette (brainstorming workshop) is also discussed. Articles include a volunteer thank you letter, an invitation to the Hugelkutur workshop, “The Soggy Gardener”, and an article submitted personally by one of our board of directors, Dora Fitzgerald. Download PDF [557.21 KB]

Conservancy Catch Up—Galiano Active Page, January 2015

The Conservancy Catch Up focuses this month on the new interpretive kiosk at Montague Harbour Marine Provincial Park, featuring First Nations traditional knowledge, ecological facts and beautiful images of salient species around Galiano. Also, it highlights the Annual New Year’s Day Walk at the Learning Centre, which was a great success and allowed an introduction to the new classroom building for those that attended. Download PDF [2.95 MB]

Conservancy Catch Up—Galiano Active Page, December 2014

This month’s Catch Up is the first of a series of 1/2 page updates for the Active Page in the next 12 months. With so much going on at the Conservancy, it is just as important to keep the community updated and in the loop. This month offered updates about the New Year’s Day Walk, Public Trail opening, Science Camp sessions, and the Soggy Gardener workshop. Download PDF [284.84 KB]

Conservancy Upcoming Fall Programs—Galiano Active Page, October 2014

This ad lists the Nature Buddies and Science Camp programs running fall-winter 2014. Download PDF [162.12 KB]

Galiano Kids Campout – An Overwhelming Success!—Galiano Active Page, October 2014

This August marked the first ever kids campout event at the Learning Center. Run by Conservancy educators Patti Pringle and Eric Jacobsen with summer intern Christian Caille, a group of seven kids from Galiano and surrounding area camped for two nights and three days. Activities ranged from a sheep round up to star gazing, making s’mores and having “Circus Night”. The only complaint was that it was “too short”! For those with children between 9 and 12, stay tuned for the event’s second annual next summer! Download PDF [98.42 KB]

Galiano Kids Science Camp Announcement—Galiano Active Page, September 2014

Running from October through December 2014, the Conservancy Education staff are putting on Science Camp “labs” for local school children. As a response to community encouragement for more science-related learning activities, there will now be bi-weekly sessions covering everything from “Slimes and Goos” to “Buoyancy and Bubbles”. Register ahead! Download PDF [85.56 KB]

Walkalong for Learning – A Participant’s Reflections—Galiano Active Page, October 2014

Hear from one of our Walkalong participants from the Galiano community, Marian Lowery, on what the Walkalong experience meant to her. Download PDF [480.28 KB]

Walkalong for Learning – Music in the Forest—Island Tides, September 18 2014

A photo encapsulating part of our Walkalong this year, as shown in the Island Tides.
Download PDF [996.93 KB]

Walkalong For Learning 2014—Active Page, August 2014

Believe it or not, August is already here and the count down to our second annual Walkalong for Learning has begun! Check out our latest updates in this article in the Active Page. Have you or a friend or relative ever benefited from nature? Then come and join us and help make those experiences available to our region’s children and youth! Download PDF [428.20 KB]

Conservancy receives 2014 Community Stewardship Award—Islands Trust Fund, October 6 2014

On June 19 2014 the Islands Trust Fund revealed its 2014 winners of the Community Stewardship Awards.The Galiano Conservancy received a group award for 25 years of leadership in sustainable community building. We received the award on October 6. What a wonderful moment of recognition in the midst of a busy season moving forward on so many exciting projects! A big thanks to our supporters, donors, volunteers, board and staff at the Conservancy – a diverse and resilient community of support and commitment. Download PDF [71.80 KB]

Chasing Fairies—Island Tides, May 15, 2014

In 2013, an amazing discovery was made on Mt. Sutil on Galiano Island – an incredibly rare plant species – Meconella oregana, or as it is commonly called, the White Fairpoppy – was found on a steep mossy cliff face overlooking Trincomali Channel. A year and much research later, and the first known reintroduction of this tiny flowering plant was successfully done by Lia Chalifour and Ken Millard. Read more about this amazing journey and fight to save a species at risk. Download PDF [375.60 KB]

A Trip to Galiano Island Ecological Reserve—Friends Of Ecological Reserves, February, 2014

On June 2, 2013, some of the Friends board members met at the Schwarz Bay Terminal to take a trip to Galiano Island. Meeting there were Mike Fenger, Mary Rannie, Rick Page, Michael Brinsmead, and Stephen Ruttan. We were going off to have a look at the Galiano Island Ecological Reserve. We were met at the Galiano dock by Ken Millard, of the Galiano Conservancy Association and summer student Jenna Falk who is working for their Learning Centre. Read Article

Islands Land Trust Volunteers Honoured—Island Tides, March, 2014

The commitment and diligence of Gulf Island residents who have founded and worked with land trusts was recently recognized by a key province-wide conservation organization. And on Galiano Island, the hard work goes on, focusing on a unique Learning Centre on a prime mid-island 188-acre waterfront parcel with pockets of old-growth Douglas fir. Download PDF [1.54 MB]

Getting to the Bottom of Shaws Bog—Active Page, January, 2014

Whats in the Shaws Bog ecological reserve off Cook Road? Lots of water. Dense hardhack and Labrador tea. Several rare species of plants and animals. A small boat hidden in the brush thats likely been there for decades. Theres also roughly seven meters of muck lying at the bottom of the open water area at the center of the bog. I know this because, in early September 2013, I was part of a team of research scientists who made their way to the bog, assembled an inflatable catamaran boat system and paddled out. Download PDF [309.58 KB]

Galiano Conservancy Raises $22,000 on CauseVox—CauseVox Blog, January, 2014

Inspired by urban youth, the Galiano Conservancy took peer-to-peer fundraising to a remarkable level with their first annual Walkalong for Learning. Discover how they exceeded their goal and what the Walkalong was all about. You can get involved with the Walkalong for Learning by contacting the Galiano Conservancy. Read Article

SEWF Finance Solutions Lab Recap, Day 2—Finance For Good, November, 2013

The Finance Solutions Labs brought together an array of leaders in social innovation and fellow Social Enterprise World Forum attendees to provide support to organizations as they bring their system changing initiative to fruition. On Friday October 4th, the Galiano Conservancy Association, Localize Services Ltd., and Alberta Ecotrust took part as feature organizations for the second day of the Labs. Each organization gained input from Lab Experts and SEWF attendees on how to move forward. Read Article

Ken Millard Wins Lifetime Achievement Award from LTABC—LTABC Press Release, October 25, 2013

At a Covenant Management workshop hosted by the Land Trust Alliance of BC in Victoria, four awards were presented to the Savary Island Land Trust, Nanaimo and Area Land Trust, and Ken Millard of the Galiano Conservancy Association to recognize excellence in their contributions to conservation in the province. Ken was recognized for his dedication and remarkable contributions to conservation and sustainable living. Download PDF [126.62 KB]

Community Champion in BC Hydro Contest—BC Hydro Community Champions, October 15, 2013

A BC Hydro Community Champion, vote for us from Oct 15 to Nov 15, 2013! What is sustainability? Take a tour with participants from Grandparents Raising Grandchildren, Victoria Immigrant and Refugee Centre Society, and the Galiano Conservancy Association to learn about sustainability through education programs with the Galiano Learning Centre. Read Article

Join us for the Walkalong for Learning—Active Page, August, 2013

This August 31, please join in the first annual Walkalong for Learning, a 6 km trek that will traverse the trails of mid island protected lands in a bid to raise funds for environmental education programs. Download PDF [209.99 KB]

Press Release Walkalong for Learning—GCA, August 30, 2013

The first annual Walkalong for Learning will provide funds for underserved youth to experience the GCAs nature education programs, and celebrate the completion of the Mid Galiano Conservation Network. Download PDF [79.69 KB]

Galiano land for recreating and learning—Island Tides, August, 2013

Galiano Conservancy and partners has raised funds to buy a linking piece of land creating a corridor of preserved land from Bodega Ridge to the Trincomali Nature Reserve. Read Article

Galiano Conservation Network Reaches 500 Hectares—The Heron, Summer 2013

Residents and visitors of Galiano Island will soon be able to hike from the shores of Trincomali Channel across to the Georgia Strait thanks to the completion of a conservation network spanning the width of the island. Ken Millard and the Galiano Conservancy Association had the vision to create a network of protected lands across Galiano Island. Read Article

Walkalong for Learning—Active Page, July, 2013
Galiano Conservancy Association is holding the First Annual Walkalong for Learning fundraiser on Saturday, August 31. Download PDF [241.93 KB]

Land Acquisition Completes Mid-Galiano Conservation Network—Islands Trust Fund Press Release, May 15, 2013

VICTORIA — The Islands Trust Fund, Galiano Conservancy Association (GCA) and the Nature Conservancy of Canada have secured 40 hectares (100 acres) of forestland on Galiano Island. Download PDF [261.93 KB]

Restoring Nature and Restoring People—Land Magazine, Fall 2012

The Galiano Conservancy Association is starting to realize a long held dream. In 2000, the Conservancy came up with the innovative and exciting idea of developing the Galiano Restorative Learning Centre. Download PDF [422.74 KB]

21st-Century Success—Vancouver Sun, November 10, 2012

More hands-on science in schools will help drive Canada’s economy. Download PDF [2.68 MB]

Galiano Conservancy Centrefold—Island Tides, October 4, 2012

Life Long Learning in Nature – The Galiano Learning Centre Download PDF [1.73 MB]

Explorers Club to Galiano—Island Tides, October 4, 2012

Trying to remember what happened last week or a month ago is sometimes a challenge – imagine trying to picture what life might have been like on Galiano Island 5,000 years ago. Download PDF [492.75 KB]

Cruising to Galiano by Briony Penn—Focus Magazine, October 10, 2012

There’s a different type of grandparent on the island these days: they play games, but it’s unlikely golf or bridge, and instead of Alaskan cruises with their peers, it will be a ferry ride to Galiano for an overnight camp. Download PDF [59.95 KB]

Canada 24 April : Galiano Island—World Harmony Run, April 24, 2012

In the afternoon we presented the Torch-Bearer Award to Ken Millard of the Galiano Conservancy Association. Read Article

Breaking News! Your donations helped save Galiano waterfront (bottom of page 3)—The Heron, Spring 2012

Last year, your donations to the Islands Trust Fund’s Opportunity Fund allowed us to help the Galiano Conservancy Association in its race to secure a property neighbouring our Trincomali Nature Sanctuary. Read Article

Galiano Island conservancy expansion will protect ‘red listed’ eco-communities—The Hook, February 21 2012

A big swath of land on the west coast of Galiano Island is going to be protected from loggers and developers, thanks to the efforts of an island-based non-profit group, the Galiano Conservancy Association. Read Article

Galiano Restorative Learning Centre a step closer (bottom of page 6)—Island Tides, February 9, 2012

On January 14 , at an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Galiano Conservancy Association, the membership overwhelmingly endorsed the Board’s proposal to take out a loan to secure the purchase of land which will provide a home for the Conservancy’s newest initiative: the Galiano Restorative Learning Centre. Download PDF [457.84 KB]

Multicultural Celebration Day October 2 2011—Island Tides, November 3, 2011

October 2nd saw 35 people from the Victoria Immigrant and Refugee Society come to Galiano and explore Montague Harbour. Engaging with local First Nations, naturalists and Conservancy staff made for a great day with everyone learning from one another. A salmon dinner, group painting and yoga session all featured. Download PDF [464.08 KB]

Shaw T.V. Features Galiano Conservancy’s Education Program—The Daily, June 15. 2011

Karen Elgersma, Senior Reporter and Lifestyles Specialist for Shaw T.V. Victoria’s “The Daily”, came out to Galiano to witness the Conservancy’s Education Programs and learn about the Galiano Restorative Learning Centre. Read Article

Semperviva Fund Raising for Galiano Conservancy Association—Semperviva Yoga College Blog, April 13, 2011

This past weekend I had a truly transformative experience I’d love to share with you. On Saturday myself and the participants of Semperviva’s inaugural Galiano Island Yoga Teachers Training Program met with Galiano Conservancy Board Members: Gary Moore, Ken Millard and Intern Biologist and Yoga teacher, Alana Jung, at the future site of the Restorative Learning Centre site. Read Article

Gulf Island nature centre for city kids hits fundraising halfway mark—The Hook Blog On Tyee, February 22, 2011

A Gulf Island land conservancy has raised more than half the funds needed to purchase land for a unique long-stay, nature-study centre on Galiano Island. Read Article

Morning After Show Interviews the Galiano Conservancy CiTR UBC Radio, Nov. 9, 2010
Interview starts roughly 1/4 of the way into the podcast (click ahead to skip songs). Read Article

The Morning After Show Goes Green—, Nov 24, 2010

Read Article

Hands Up for Galiano Restorative Learning Centre—Island Tides, October 28, 2010

A resounding “Yes!” vote at the Extraordinary General Meeting last Sunday has launched the Galiano Conservancy’s latest and boldest initiative: buying land to create the Galiano Restorative Learning Centre. Download PDF [1.78 MB]

GCA Receives 2009 Forest Stewardship Award from Wildlife Habitat Canada—Wildlife Habitat, 2009

The Galiano Conservancy was founded in 1989 as one of BC’s first community based conservation land trusts with a focus on land protection, on forest restoration and on building sustainable relationship between the islands human and natural environment. Read Article

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Connect Through Nature—Island Parent, March 2009 Issue

Such a transformation happened when a group of grandparents and their grandchildren arrived on Galiano for a one day adventure. Download PDF [60.39 KB]

Environmental non-profits teach kids how to grow up green—Victoria News, March 27, 2009

The Galiano Conservancy’s From the Forest to the Sea watershed education program is the cornerstone of its hands on educational work. Download PDF [264.80 KB]

From The Forest To The Sea – A Watershed Journey—The Kingfisher, Spring 2007

To interact humbly with nature we need to be free and undomesticated in it. Download PDF [995.42 KB]

Wedding raises $10,000 for Galiano Island’s Great Beaver Swamp—Island Tides, August 23, 2007

The Great Beaver Swamp is a 17.5 hectare (44 acre) wetland property on Galiano Island. Its acquisition completes the protection of most of the Beaver Creek watershed. Download PDF [232.97 KB]

Forest project gets plants growing—Driftwood, November 21, 2007

The Galiano Conservancy Association initiated a project to restore a commercial plantation to a fully functional forest ecosystem – all by hand. Download PDF [371.26 KB]

Restoring Wilderness—Monday Magazine – Briony Penn’s Wildside Column, March 2-8, 2006
Messing up a tree farm in the name of the warty jumping-slug. Download PDF [1.49 MB]