Ecological Footprint – Sharing Session Ft. Ryan Mackie

Location: Online

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This webinar will be facilitated by the GCA’s Michelle Thompson and Adam Huggins.  They will discuss the methodology and results of the One Island, One Earth project. Ryan Mackie from BCIT Centre of Ecocities and CHRM Consulting will be attending to answer methodology related questions and discussing how to apply this project to other islands/communities.  Ryan worked closely with the GCA to produce Galiano’s Ecological Footprint.  

This webinar is targeted towards NGOs, Sustainability Groups, Government Representatives and Other Community Organizations that are interested in learning more about the One Island, One Earth project and its potential for application in other islands/communities.  

Ryan Mackie is a Sustainability Consultant with nearly 20 years of experience developing technology and working with organizations on sustainable solutions. Ryan works with both BCIT Centre of EcoCities and CHRM consulting.  Ryan joined BCIT to pilot test the ecoCity Footprint Tool and to work with stakeholders to help analyze and act on findings. 

This webinar will be recorded and posted on our website at a later date.

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