Saturday, April 24 – Spring Plant & Estate Sale

Estate Sale

Join us on Friday April 23rd and Saturday April 24th as we host a household estate sale with items donated by Carolyn Canfield. You will have the opportunity to find plenty of treasures including artwork, collectables, books, pottery, dishes, textiles and much more. All proceeds will be donated to our Endowment Fund which helps support the GCA.

Estate Sale will be held at the Classroom building. Classroom building is located ~100 meters down the left fork in the road at the top of the Millard Learning Centre property. Please walk down and park by our office/Program Centre. 

Spring Plant Sale 

We will be having our Spring Plant sale at the Nursery Annex (fenced area just behind our Program Centre/office building). Native herbs, shrubs and trees available as well as other food and medicine-producing garden plants! Experts Adam Huggins (Restoration Coordinator) and Cedana Bourne (Agriculture and Nursery Coordinator) will be onsite to answer any plant-related questions you may have. 

Parking at the Millard Learning Centre 

Please park by our Program Centre (office building) and walk down to the classroom building and nursery annex. Those with mobility restrictions will be permitted to drive down to the classroom building. 

COVID-19 Protocols

Masks are mandatory onsite at all times. 

Please check-in at our tent by the parking area. There, we will be collecting personal information for contact tracing purposes.

Hand sanitizer will be available. We suggest bringing your own as well. 

Guests onsite must abide by COVID-19 signage posted visibly onsite and by directions given by GCA staff. We will not tolerate any belligerent behaviour towards our staff  and reserve the right to refuse your entry to the Classroom and Nursery Annex. 

Occupancy of the Classroom will be restricted. Please be respectful of possible wait times as we aim to respect guidelines! 




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