Post-Secondary Courses & Field Schools

Professors – Bring your students to the Millard Learning Centre and develop your class’s research and field science skills as you directly contribute to active ecological restoration and sustainable land-use projects.

Customized Learning with the GCA

Design Your Own Field Program

Collaborate with us and design your very own single day or overnight field-based learning experience at the Millard Learning Centre or within GCA protected lands.

The Millard Learning Centre offers an exceptional site for place-based learning and applied research through its rich suite of active ecological restoration and sustainable land-use projects, comprehensive baseline mapping, and accompanying ecological and historical datasets. We facilitate the development of real world field and analytical skills for participants while they directly contribute to the development of the Millard Learning Center and our programs. This work is completed under the mentorship of professional Conservancy staff along with a selection of exceptional resource people within the Galiano Community.

From lectures in the classroom building to field orientation and GPS navigation to active restoration work, customized learning opportunities provide students with a rich learning environment that fosters connection and engagement. 

Single Day Field Course

Bring your class to Galiano for the day to apply natural science concepts learnt in the classroom. Hone your students’ field data collection skills as they work with instruments used by environmental professionals.

Overnight Field Schools

Spend multiple days on Galiano to create in-depth learning with student-led projects that will not only develop their analytical skills, but also give them experience in project planning, team work and communication. Plus have fun after class as you camp overnight at the Millard Learning Centre!

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Learn from the work we specialize in…

Field Program Topics

Monitoring & Mapping

Gain experience using GPS units, plotters and other surveying tools to collect data points in the field. Bring it all together using GIS mapping software.

Land & Marine Ecosystems

Learn about local Coastal Douglas-fir forests and Salish Sea marine ecosystems and intricate connections they have with each other.

Biological Surveying & Conservation

Identify local fauna and flora and learn about biodiversity metrics and population dynamics as you study species at risk, overabundant and invasive species on Galiano Island.

Land-Use Planning

Use zoning bylaws, covenant regulations, land surveys, groundwater and biological monitoring data to analyze historical land use plans and establish new ones.

Ecological Restoration

Survey and create restoration plans for disturbed areas within acquired GCA properties such as drained wetlands, clear cuts and plantation forests. Actively restore these areas by removing invasive species and planting native ones. Work to control slope stability, prevent erosion and create microsites for plant growth.

Groundwater Conservation

Galiano, like much of Southern Vancouver Island experiences long periods of droughts in the summertime. Research Galiano’s complex soil types and how they affect the movement and retention of water underground. Work with rainwater catchment infrastructure and natural greywater filtration systems, monitor and care for man-made and natural wetlands.

Sustainable Food Systems

Get your hands dirty at our Food Forest, a 1 acre permaculture space where we produce local, sustainable food for the Galiano community. Learn about climate-resilient and environmentally-friendly permaculture design techniques such as low-water gardening, pesticide-free pest control, Hügelkultur and more. Stop by the Compost Hotspot and learn about the biochemical and microbiological processes that are involved in aerobic and anaerobic decomposition of organic matter.

Indigenous Knowledge & Ethnobotany

Learn about the history of Galiano Island, Indigenous land management practices, Hul’qumi’num names and traditional uses of edible and medicinal native plants.

Environmental Education & Interpretation

Work with the GCA education team to design and lead hands-on, nature-based learning activities for kids and adults. Learn about the basics of natural science communication as you create interpretive maps, signage and digital content for the public.

Solar Energy Production

Consult with local solar experts from the Salish Sea Renewable Energy CO-OP (SSREC), observe the GCA’s photovoltaic arrays and learn about net zero energy.

Ecological Footprinting & Climate Change

How many Earths does it take to support our habits? Learn about Ecological Footprinting data collection methodology and analysis. Discover how results can be used by societal leaders to adopt climate-forward policies towards sustainable consumption and production practices.

Millard Learning Centre Accomodations

Extend your educational experience on Galiano Island. Choose from deluxe Frontcountry or rustic Backcountry campgrounds both located at our quiet 188-acre Millard Learning Centre property.


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