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How much land do we islanders require to support our community? Is it theoretically possible for Galiano residents to live sustainably within the means of the Island?

The Galiano Conservancy Association wants your help to find out! With the support of the BCIT EcoCity Centre and the Galiano community, we want to develop a framework for collecting local, relevant data, to build an ecological footprint for Galiano from the ground up. Calculating our ecological footprint can increase environmental awareness, act as an educational tool, and help to guide community initiatives. Alongside our footprint, we want to capture the values and oral histories of the community – this is referred to as the ‘ecological fingerprint’ of Galiano.

To learn more about ecological footprinting and fingerprinting on Galiano Island, please come to our Public Information Session where you can hear from our guest speaker, Dr. Jennie Moore, founder of the BCIT EcoCity Centre! We will also be seeking feedback to help shape this initiative; be sure to attend for a chance to get involved!

Date & Time: November 17th, 2020 – 5:00-6:30pm PST

Location: Online – Zoom

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The goal is that the ecological footprint framework we develop for Galiano can be used by other small islands in the Salish Sea so we can learn from one another and come together to drive sustainable action!

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