Product Sales

Product sales are another way to support our projects and initiatives at the Galiano Conservancy, with the added bonus of receiving something for your contribution!

Please contact us or stop by the office to purchase any of the following products:


T-shirts for adults ($25) and kids ($20)

Satellite Posters

Satellite image poster Galiano

Satellite image poster Galiano

The Galiano Conservancy owns the rights to this satellite image of Galiano (and the Southern Gulf Islands, Vancouver and Victoria) and have printed high quality, laminated posters. Note the incredible plumes of silt from the Frasier River lapping against our shores! Yours for only $25.


Galiano Conservancy kindling sales

Galiano Conservancy Kindling

We have bundles of kindling for sale. All kindling was salvaged from scrap cedar left behind on the Learning Centre property – warm your home and help us clean up the property! $7 per bundle, available at the GCA office.

Native Plant Sales

Native Plant Sales

Native Plants

Please see our sales under the Native Plant Nursery.

Pottery Mugs

pottery mugs

One-of-a-kind pottery mugs with an artistic rendition of the Conservancy’s logo.

Handmade in Ontario, Canada and imported just for us! Microwave and dishwasher safe. Available in limited quantities including a rare opal glaze which happens at most once every 30 years! A non-repeatable chemistry fluke in the kiln firing process – get yours before its gone! Also available in chocolate brown, dark navy blue/gray, cream/red, and purple (a dark variant of the opal). $30 each.

Photography Cards



Beautiful blank cards inspired by Galiano’s natural environment. Photography and cards made by Sarah L. Tweedale of Galiano. Photos predominantly of birds and plant life. $5 each.