School Programs on Galiano Island

Galiano Conservancy Association’s school programs are active…

They’re energizing…

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They are hands-on. Really hands-on.

They’re educational…

They’re in nature, about nature, and for nature…

kids restoring forests

And teachers love them.

teachers love us.

Programs 2019-2020

Most of our programs are suitable for roughly grade 5 to 12; we switch out our activities and approaches based on the age of the students.

Overnight programs are aimed at older students (roughly high school) with the exception of Backcountry Experience which is suitable for upper elementary to high school.

Marine and Coastal Ecosystems

What a Marine Life

Starting on Shell Beach (a First Nations midden) we will journey through a beautiful forest, past a tidal lagoon and along a shoreline, to the intertidal zone where we use nets and buckets to catch, identify and release a remarkable diversity of animals.  Read more…

Forest and Ecosystem Restoration Programs

Coastal Forests of Pebble Beach

Active restoration! We will compare three forests—a healthy forest, a tree plantation, and a forest in restoration. Together we will pull a tree down in a densely planted forest to create light gaps so other species can grow. We’ll take a hands-on look at the resilience of our West Coast forests. Read more…

Quest for the Mountaintop

The Garry Oak meadow high atop Mount Galiano is a breathtaking place to see one of Canada’s most endangered ecosystems. Students will actively engage in restoration through the removal of invasive plants. Read more…

Galiano Eco-Safari  

This is a stunning hike from the Learning Centre along high, dry coastal ridges, through lush green Douglas fir forests, to our amazing Great Beaver Swamp. Along the way we’ll analyze changes in moisture and soils that determine the plant and animal life we see.  Read more…

OVERNIGHT – Forest Forensics Field School (3 day, 2 night)

Based at our very own Millard Learning Centre, join an award-winning effort to restore an ecosystem to its flourishing potential. Learn the skills required to make a forest healthy again—through hands-on forest mapping, surveying and orienteering. Includes a detailed teaching guide.  Learn more…

OVERNIGHT – Advanced Restoration Field School (6 day, 5 night)

Includes the activities above—plus, students have the opportunity to create their own restoration program for a plantation forest. Read more… 

Sustainable Food Systems and Agriculture

NEW!  Native Plant Inspirations

Step into our Nuts’a’maat Forage Forest and spend time learning about people-plant relationships through edible and medicinal native plants. During the program students will gain hands-on experience in restoration and plant identification.  Learn more…

People, Plants & Pollinators

This program brings the fascinating world of pollinators to life. Participants will get to know native and introduced pollinators, become familiar with the needs of these species, learn how to create healthy habitat, and receive take-home materials that continue learning in their own communities. Learn more…

The Future of Food

Getting their hands dirty in our cutting-edge Forest Garden through activities like planting and harvesting, students will understand the environmental, social and economic significance of sustainable agriculture. Read more…

OVERNIGHT – Future of Food Field School (3 day, 2 night)

Concerned about food security in a changing world? Dig into sustainable, climate-resilient agriculture in Galiano’s own Forest Garden. Students will gain hands-on experience with earth-friendly farming techniques, in a Forest Garden that mimics natural, local ecosystems. Learn more…

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy in Action

Learn about energy sustainability and why it matters, and have fun in nature at the same time! Students will gain experience and knowledge of solar photovoltaics, thermal solar, micro-hydro and micro-wind and will apply them in a real-world context through building projects and hands-on demonstrations. Learn more…

Outdoor Skills and Adventure

Galiano Survivor Eco-Challenge

We’ll master navigation, compass and map-reading skills to find Galiano Island’s ecological treasures. And, we will get hands-on with basic survival skills such as fire making, shelter building and knot-tying.  Suitable for groups with young people age 12 and up. Read more…

OVERNIGHT: Galiano Backcountry Experience

Experience a variety of natural environments through challenging hikes, natural history activities, and explorations of forests, fresh water and marine ecosystems. Our skilled staff will guide you through interactive lessons on orienteering, food caches, wilderness safety, rope making, and knot tying. Read more…

Yes, we facilitate post-secondary education programs. More information here.

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