One Island, One Earth – How to Get Involved?

Support the One Island, One Earth Project by completing the data collection initiatives below.

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Data Sheet Downloads

Summer Food Diary (1 week): Pin our data recording sheet to your fridge, and use it to track what types of food you eat over the course of one week. This will help us determine the impact of food consumption.

Summer Waste Tracker (2 weeks): Collect your garbage, recycling and compost as usual for two weeks, then weigh how much you got and mark it down on your data recording sheet. If you don’t have a scale, contact the Galiano Conservancy, we can lend you one of our digital hand scales.

If you prefer a paper copy, pick up a paper copy at one of our pick-up locations:

the Daystar Market, Galiano Trading Company, Loose Leaf Tea & Papery, the Galiano Conservancy booth at the Saturday Market, or the GCA office at the Millard Learning Centre.

Why Should I Participate?

Existing ecological footprint methodologies are geared towards urban areas and often use municipal datasets.  As a small island community, Galiano lacks the data and resources of larger municipalities, which is why we have to collect some of our own data.  

By participating in this effort, you are:

•Helping Galiano be the first Island in North America to document its Ecological Footprint

•Starting the conversation about Galiano Island’s own Climate Action Plan

•Creating a blueprint for other small island communities to follow our lead

What Will Happen to the Data that I Submit?

All information and data collected will remain anonymous. The data collected in this study will be used to contribute to the calculation of Galiano Island’s Ecological Footprint; study results will be presented at public events and in public reports, and may be submitted for publication in scientific journals. Only aggregated data will be presented – no individual information or data will be distributed. If you do not wish to have your data included in this study, please do not submit your results. If you decide you would like your results removed from the study after submission, please contact the GCA.

Win Prizes!

Every completed survey will earn one entry into our monthly draws, where participants have the chance to win great prizes from local businesses and organizations.  The first 40 households to complete all four data collection initiatives [(1) summer food diary, (2) summer waste tracking, (3) odometer tracking and (4) mail-out survey] will receive a $20 gift card to the Galiano Conservancy Association – where you can purchase tea, nursery plants and GCA swag.

To contact the GCA about the project email or call (250) 539 – 2424.