Thank You to Our Past Interns

The following is a list of our past student interns.





2004 Ian Sargeant Scotland Forest Restoration
2005 Nina Koele Holland Soil Chemistry Study/Forest 
Restoration Monitoring
2005 Eva Meier Germany Biodiversity Monitoring
2005 Thea Wiesinger Germany Biodiversity Monitoring
2006 Klara Jansson Denmark Forest Restoration
2006 Sabine Luning Germany Great Beaver Swamp
Management Plan
2007 Helene Massot France Lichen Inventory
2008 Franzisca Arbeiter Germany Eagle Nest Mapping
Forest Restoration
2008 Stefan Blum Germany Eagle Nest Mapping
Forest Restoration
2008 Thomas Shierbaum Germany Carbon Storage
Forest Restoration
2009 Jasmin Seif Germany Carbon Storage
Forest Restoration
2009 Hans-Christof Muennich Germany Native Plant Propagation and Vegetation Health Monitoring
2010 Anuschka Tecker Germany Small Mammal and Bird Study
Forest Restoration Monitoring
2010 Thorsten Obracay Germany Dragonfly Inventory
2010 Maria (Marus) Gradzikiewicz Hungary Ecosystem Mapping & Inventory
2011 Martin Meidl Germany Ecosystem Mapping & Vegetation Comparison,
Learning Centre Promotional Film
Outdoor Education Program Development
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Keith is a registered professional biologist and has worked for the Galiano Conservancy since 1998. His main passion is ecosystem based planning. He has a broad diversity of experience that includes forest ecology, GIS mapping, and ecological restoration. Keith's inspiration is rooted in a deep connection with his home place and is stoked through sharing his work and experiences with youth and adults participating in the Conservancy's learning programs and internships.