Laughlin Lake

Meet Our Staff

Keith Keith Erickson

Executive Director  Email

Keith is a registered professional biologist and has worked for the Galiano Conservancy since 1998. His main passion is ecosystem based planning. He has a broad diversity of experience that includes forest ecology, GIS mapping, and ecological restoration. Keith’s inspiration is rooted in a deep connection with his home place and is stoked through sharing his work and experiences with youth and adults participating in the Conservancy’s learning programs and internships..

Ken Stauffer

Bookkeeper, since 2016. Email

Jenna Jenna Falk

Development Coordinator, since 2014 Email

Jenna has a B.A. in Geography from McMaster University, and a M.A. in Environmental Studies at UVic. Her research background has focused on peatland ecohydrology and understanding the management challenges of landscape change in the Rocky Mountains. Her position focuses on capacity building activities, partnership development, species at risk recovery and strengthening new and existing fundraising programs. Jenna is passionate about conservation in the Gulf Islands and BC, with a special interest in planned giving as a way of enabling communities and individuals to reach their conservation goals.

Tanya Inglis

Administrator. Email

Cedana Bourne

Agriculture and Nursery Coordinator, since 2016. Email

Cedana Bourne is GCA’s Agriculture and Nursery Coordinator.  You can find her with her hands in the soil at the Native Plant Nursery, the Learning Centre’s Food Forest and the garden and greenhouse. Cedana is in her element when she can observe and participate in each stage of the cycle of life. She enjoys saving seeds and nurturing them through each stage of development.

Cedana is a herbalist who grows or wildcrafts the plants for the formulas she creates for her apothecary. Cedana is also a Registered Holistic Nutritionist who appreciates a delicious whole foods meal.  She is a passionate preserver and loves to incorporate wild foods into all kinds of tasty creations from baking to bubbly brews to fermented concoctions.

Reed Osler

Education Coordinator. Email

Reed Osler is the Galiano Conservancy Association’s Education Coordinator. She has been sharing her passion for parks and wild places with the public in a professional capacity for over 15 years. She studied herbalism at Pacific Rim College and is a certified Community Herbalist who is especially passionate about native plants, their edibility and their medicinal uses. She also loves music, theatre and art and incorporates these creative pursuits into her programs with children, youth and adults alike.


Emily Francis

Environmental Educator Email

Emily earned a BSc in Environmental Science from Royal Roads University. She has worked with a diversity of environmental entities in the clean technology industry, in social-environmental non-profits and in academic communities. As a scientist and visual artist she combines her technical knowledge and creative approach to teach about unique pacific-northwest ecosystems and to explore the complex relationships between people and the environment.

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