Shoreline to Shoreline

The Mid-Island Protected Areas Network (MIPAN) extends over 660 hectares and protects a significant portion of the island’s topographic variation and associated ecological diversity, securing valuable pathways for plant and animal migration from sea level to Galiano’s highest ridgeline. The network includes threatened coastal and inland bluffs with Garry Oak and associated ecosystems; two of Galiano’s largest wetland ecosystems; and large tracts of mature coastal Douglas-fir forests.

Within the network, there are hikes for all ages and ambitions.  If you only have a short time, you can take a short coastal loop; if you have a full day, you can explore the entire mid-island area from the Trincomali Channel across to the Strait of Georgia.

Marine Conservation Value

Marine areas adjacent to protected shoreline are in a Marine protection Zone designated through local bylaws. Additionally, Provincial Rockfish Conservation Areas are designated along both the Trincomali channel and Georgia Strait shorelines. These areas provide important habitat for many species of rockfish and other marine life.


Popular Hikes

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Millard Learning Centre

Trail Map

Explore the Millard Learning Centre on our trails