Climate change adaptation

One Island, One Earth Ecological Footprint Project

Most of us know that everything we do – from the food we eat, to the cars we drive, to the ferries we take to the city – uses natural resources that require a certain amount of land and sea to produce. But just how much land do we require to support our community? Is it theoretically possible for Galiano residents to live sustainably within the means of the island?

With help from community members and partners, the Galiano Conservancy has piloted the first ecological footprint program for a small island community in North America!  Click below to explore the results.

One Island, One Earth

Reducing Our Footprint

As a rural island community, we encounter unique opportunities and challenges for reducing our ecological footprint. What are the most impactful actions we can take? Check out our shortlist!

Water Conservation

Protecting Freshwater

A changing climate means hotter and drier summers, and concern about limited groundwater supplies continues to grow with the increase in summer visitors and changing land-use patterns.  Thankfully, limited freshwater doesn’t have to be a supply issue in the Southern Gulf Islands – it can be a storage and demand issue. Find out what the Galiano Conservancy is doing to conserve water at the Millard Learning Centre, and how these simple techniques can be applied at home.

Planting ollas in the Food Forest
Renewable Energy

Powering our Future

Renewable energy is to addressing the climate crisis, and Galiano Island is set to become a solar powerhouse – we can all participate in the renewable energy revolution! Learn how the Galiano Conservancy is harnessing renewable energy at the Millard Learning Centre, and how you can join the movement.

Climate Action at the Galiano Conservancy

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