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We grow and sell a variety of trees, shrubs, herbs, grasses, and bulbs that are ideal for naturescaping, edible landscaping, and ecological restoration projects. Our plants originate predominantly from Galiano Island populations and are suitable for the unique climate of the Gulf Islands. 


  • 9am – 4pm
    Monday – Friday (
    or by appointment)


  • The nursery is located at the Millard Learning Centre, 10825 Porlier Pass Road.

Please park in the parking lot at the entrance from Porlier Pass Road, and then enter through the wooden gate immediately behind the Office.  You can knock on the front door of the Office to let staff know you have arrived and to request assistance.

Plant Selection

Please note that the quantity of available stock for each species will vary throughout the year and may be limited. Contact us with your desired order and we will promptly let you know whether we can fill it in whole or in part.  If you would like assistance with plant selection, please contact us ahead of time to book a time to speak with one of our staff. 

You can request orders or book a time by:

  • Phone: 250-539-2424
  • Email:

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Saturday Market

Come find us at the Galiano Saturday Market, where we sell nursery plants, Forest Garden Tea, and products from our forest gardens. 

Volunteer in the Nursery

Volunteers gather every Thursday between 10am and 2pm to help propagate plants at the GCA’s Food Forest.

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Stewardship Consultation

Need some advice on how to care for your land? Learn more about the ecological values of your property and how to conserve and restore them.

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Are you planning on clearing an area for a home, shed, trail, or garden? Contact us first and let us salvage the native plants from the area before they are removed or damaged.

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In 2000, with a crucial donation of space by supportive private landowners, the Galiano Conservancy Association began creating its own native plant nursery, the only one of its kind on Galiano. The physical beginnings were not without irony, as they involved clearing a field infested with introduced Himalayan blackberry to create space for the nursery.  A handcrafted greenhouse, cold frames, and nursery beds allowed us to propagate a variety of native species from Galiano Island sources for the very first time.

The nursery was active at this site for many years, before eventually being relocated to the Millard Learning Centre in 2017.


Originally the native plant nursery was established to support our education and restoration projects. Due in part to the success of our education efforts, there is an increasing demand from landowners and landscapers on Galiano for native vegetation. In response to this need, we have branched out, making native plants available to the public.

We also recently began to propagate edible species from our Food Forest to improve local food security.

Revenue from plant sales subsidizes the continued propagation and care of thousands of plants for local restoration efforts. Plants in the Nursery are raised from locally gathered seeds and cuttings and are grown naturally and organically.  No herbicides or pesticides are used on the plants. Some of our stock has been salvaged from sites around the Island slated for clearing or development.