Nuts’a’maat Forage Forest

Cultivating Native Plants for Food

The Nuts’a’maat Forage Forest is an ecocultural restoration project that reimagines the relationships we can have with damaged ecologies and with one another. It is a shared space where we are restoring and cultivating native species that provide us with a diversity of important foods and medicines.

Learn more about this long-term collaboration with members of the Penelakut First Nation to grow traditional foods and medicines.

Galiano Food Forest

Growing with Nature

The Food Forest is a multi-layered diverse garden in which every plant serves several interconnected purposes. The plants are chosen for food production, nitrogen-fixing, creating mulch for soil building, and feeding pollinators. In an effort to mimic a natural forest, the plants are grown in various layers, including: canopy, shrub, herbaceous layer, vining layer, root layer, and ground cover.  Compared to conventional farming, a Food Forest needs fewer inputs – including time, water and fertilizer – in order to sustainably produce food and other products.

Fig and self-sowing parsnips - Credit: Josli Rockafella
Native and Edible Plant Nursery

Buy Edible Plants

We grow and sell a variety of trees, shrubs and plants that you can find in our Food Forest.  Visit the nursery at the Millard Learning Centre during business hours to purchase edible plants for your own gardening, naturescaping, and permaculture projects.

Trowel laying in the potting up area within the Propagation Nursery - Credit: Josli Rockafella

Forest Garden Products

We produce foods, teas, salts, salves, seeds, and garden starts from our forest gardens. These products can be found at our office and at local markets.

Forest 2 Table at the Galiano Conservancy

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