Build Your Own Overnight Adventure

Designed for the undecided, the “Build Your Own Overnight Adventure” let’s you mix and match different single day programs and includes overnight accommodations at the Millard Learning Centre.

Program Overview

Program Length

Variable – Stay 1,2,3 or more nights!

See these itineraries below for examples of program combinations:


Year Round
See select programs for availability


Day Programs – Variable Locations depending on what you choose

Overnight Stay – Millard Learning Centre Frontcountry OR Backcountry Campground

Recommended Grades


Curriculum Links


UN Sustainable Development Goals


Program Highlights

Galiano Getaways

Immerse yourself in nature and replenish your physical and mental health with every fresh breath of ocean breeze. Take sanctuary at the private and serene 188-acre Millard Learning Centre’s Frontcountry or Backcountry campgrounds that are available exclusively to the GCA’s environmental education participants.

Flexible Learning Opportunities

Teachers rejoice! Let us help you achieve curricular competencies in multiple subjects with flexible program activity options. Speak with our insightful education staff about what you’re hoping to learn on your trip and we can customize a “Build your Own Overnight Experience” just for you! 

Step up your STEM skills

Grab your hand-lens, multimeters and thermometers! From renewable energy technology, to agricultural sciences and ecological restoration our programs focus on developing applied field science skills for Grades K – 12. Younger years will learn the basics of field observations while older years will gain hands-on experience with scientific tools used by environmental science professionals.

Classroom Connections

Nothing is better for social bonding than learning together by day and singing by the campfire at night. Watch students cheer on their classmates in “pollinator” relay-races and chuckle at unconventional friendships that are made while students figure out how to boil pasta on a camping stove for the first time. With new playmates and stronger friendships your students will be begging you to stay longer.

Boost Outdoor Confidence

Realize the worth of getting your shoes a little dirty sometimes. With increased urbanization and the rise of technology kids these days just aren’t getting outside like they used to. Let us lift the barriers to the outdoors by showing your students the ropes of outdoor risky play.

Champion Youth Environmental Leadership

Create the environmental leaders of tomorrow by having your students experience the intrinsic value of nature in-person. With sensory-based learning activities your students will walk away with a deep understanding and respect for the relationships between people, plants, animals and the physical Earth systems that keep us all alive


Costs per group for day and overnight programs.


How to get here, what to bring, how to prepare.


We can offer financial help to groups in need!


Email us at to book!

[The Strengths of the GCA’s Environmental Education Programs are…] The ability to expose students to a variety of settings that allow for tangible connections to classroom learning.

– Michael Speak, Woodland Elementary School Teacher

You guys were great. You were interested in my questions and you taught me great new things!

– Isabella, Age 13

The program gave the group very tactile ways to connect with nature. The incorporation of each sense was a great way to structure the program.

– Jesse, Fireside Adventures Leader

Sometimes I forget how much of a beautiful place I live in, and today was an amazing reminder.

– Anonymous, Age 16

Other overnight programs

Backcountry Experience

Renewable Energy in Action

Millard Learning Centre Accommodations