Making Nature Accessible To All

We strive to give everyone equal opportunity to learn and play in nature. The GCA Environmental Education Bursary Fund helps to reduce program, bus and camping-related costs for K-12 school groups, youth organizations and youth participants in need of financial aid.

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Fee Coverage

Program Fees

Up to $12 per student per day

Camping Fees

Up to 30% of costs

Bus Fees

Available on request.

Sample Budget

For a 3 day program and 2 night stay at the Millard Learning Centre


Program Fees ($32/student per day, up to 5 adults free)

Camping Fees (Frontcountry Campground Fees – $350/night)

GCA Bus Fees ($300/roundtrip [ferry – program location – ferry])


Program Fee Bursary (up to $12 per student per day)

Camping Fee Bursary (up to 30%)

Bus Fee Bursary (up to 100%)



$32/student x 20 students x 3 days = $1,920

$350 x 2 nights = $700

$300/round trip x 1 round trips = $300


$12/student x 20 students x 3 days = $720

$700 x 30% = $210

$300 x 10% = $30


$2,920 – $960

Other Fundraising Sources

We encourage you to seek funding from other sources to further reduce the costs of your trip and to ensure the ongoing availability of these bursaries to as many groups as possible.

Habitat Conservation Trust Fund (HCTF) GO Grant

Funds ferry costs and bus travel (from your school to the Swartz Bay or Tsawwassen ferry terminals).
Application deadlines February 1st and September 1st annually

Apply here:

Daytrippers Children’s Charity

Funding for K-8 school groups (high school not funded) for field trips. Various grant deadlines throughout the year depending on when your field trip dates are.

Apply here:

BC Ferries – Fare Discounts

Learn about fare discounts here or by visiting the BC Ferries website.

Thank you to our bursary funders.

Bursaries have been made possible by the generosity of our donors—particularly through the Galiano Conservancy’s 10th Annual Musical Walkalong for Learning fundraiser

Testimonials from our Past Bursaried Participants

Dayna Christ-Rowling and Megan Bondurant, Belmont Secondary School teachers, recall bursary benefits for their students over the years.
Michael Speak, Woodland Elementary School Principal describes how bursaries brought his class’s to Galiano in 2022.

“Receiving the bursary for the Galiano Conservancy Association “Quest for the Mountain Top” Program made this trip possible for our class. Coming from an inner-city school in Surrey, many of our students had never hiked a mountain let alone been on a ferry, and the cost of the trip was out of the question without the bursary. The trip to Galiano was unbelievable. Students were engaged the entire time, and learning was taking place from morning to night. Not only was it a new experience for all of them, they all became more aware of native and non-native species in the ecosystems around us and what we can do to play a role in protecting the environment. The students would have spent hours removing the scotch broom if they could have stayed longer. As we were packing up to hike down, we spotted orcas from the top of the mountain. Many of them saw their first whale on this trip! It was exciting to see the students growing a joy for the outdoors, adventure and exploration all while learning and having fun.”  – Carrie B, Grade 6 Teacher [2018 “Quest for the Mountain Top” program]