Coastal Forests of Pebble Beach

A forest’s story is written on the landscape.

Hiking, restoration and lunch at the beach! Learn about BC’s forestry history and how sustainable forestry fights climate change. Experience the aspects of a healthy mature forest and contrast them with a once clear cut, now plantation forest. Students are introduced to analytical forestry field techniques and lend a hand pulling down a tree in a densely planted area—contributing to the Conservancy’s 10+ year forest restoration project.

We will compare two forests—one healthy, one in restoration—analyzing their feeling, understory, size, spacing and soil. In an interactive teaching train students are encouraged to share with one another knowledge about various plant communities and ecosystem dynamics. A guided hike to beautiful Pebble Beach illustrates the complexity of an undisturbed forest, while a walk to our restoration forests displays the noticeable contrast between the two forest types. A lesson on the purpose of restoration is coupled with with the hands-on learning of restoration practices – together we will pull a tree down in the densely planted forest to create light gaps so other species can grow.

Join us for an interactive look at carbon sequestration, forest complexity and the climate resilience of our West Coast forest ecosystems!


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