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Monthly or Single Donations

If you are not an existing member of the Galiano Conservancy Association, the first $10 of your donation automatically goes towards your yearly membership.

Your membership gives you the right to vote at our AGM and your will receive our monthly newsletter, which will keep informed of all new and exciting things happening at the GCA. You will also be invited to our members-only events.

Thank you for supporting our environmental conservation and education efforts!

Donate Securities

A gift of securities can be an ideal way to support the work of the Galiano Conservancy Association, while avoiding the tax burden of capital gains.

In 2006, the Canadian government eliminated the tax on capital gains when securities are donated to a private charity. Under this law, you are able to give securities directly to a charity, pay no taxes and receive a charitable tax receipt for the fair market value of the securities – either the closing value on the day of transfer or the proceeds of the sale, before commission and brokerage fees if sold on the day of transfer.

Consider making a gift of securities rather than cash/cheque to receive very favourable tax incentives. You can also give assets, including non-ecological land, to the Conservancy. The fair market value of the gift will be determined, the gift sold, and the funds used by the Conservancy for its programs.