The address for the Millard Learning Centre is 10825 Porlier Pass Road on Galiano Island.

It is located:

  • 13 km from the Sturdies Bay Ferry Terminal

From the ferry terminal, it is a:

  • 15 minute drive
  • 1 hour bike ride

For large groups (up to 36 adults), the Galiano Conservancy can provide bus transportation for a fee.

Millard Learning Centre


Classroom use is complimentary with a frontcountry campground booking, and can be booked separately as well.


Learning Hall

The classroom building has a full-service kitchen, learning hall, and washroom & shower facility. It can be rented by K-12 school groups in overnight education programs, university field schools, or by members of the public.

The Hall is suitable for up to ~ 40 people as a dining hall, learning area or indoor sleeping space.  It includes:

  • WiFi (for learning use/adults only)
  • Projector (with HDMI connection)
  • Whiteboard
  • Places to charge devices
  • Tables & chairs
  • Wood-stove and Heat Pump
  • “Dobby” the Telescope (kindly donated by Galiano locals Brian Mitchell and Don Anderson)


  • Fridge/ Freezer and food storage space
  • Gas-powered stove-top & oven
  • Industrial kitchen sink, dish soap & dish towels
  • Cookware [eg. big & small pots, pans, strainers, cooking utensils like spatulas, tongs, ladels etc.]
  • Dinnerware for approximately 50 people [eg. utensils, napkins, big & small plates, bowls etc.]
  • Waste disposal [compost, recycling & garbage]*

*Please pack out all of your non-compostable waste.



Washroom Facility

Washrooms and showers are gender neutral and have the following:

  • 4 sinks
  • 3 flush toilets
  • 2 showers*

* We do not provide soap / shampoo or towels for shower use

Millard Learning Centre


Camping is only available to groups taking part in educational programming, university field courses, or group volunteer events. 

$350 / night

Frontcountry Campground

This easily accessible “glamp”-site is adjacent to the Classroom building. The Frontcountry Campground is great for education groups looking to introduce their students to camping and for overnight field schools.

The campground includes:

  • 18 tent sites
  • Two gender-neutral outhouses (campers are welcome to use flush toilets in the Classroom building if they prefer)
  • Picnic tables and covered picnic area
  • Fire pit (fire-permit required – please ask us if you would like to have a fire and we will inquire with our local fire department)
$100 / night

Backcountry Campground

Experience the serenity of the woods without having to hike too far. This campground is perfect for Scouts/Guides, Duke of Ed. award-seekers, restoration volunteer retreats, and groups looking for an economical place to stay on Galiano.

This campground includes:

  • 12 tent sites
  • Picnic tables and covered picnic area
  • Two gender-neutral composting toilets
  • Fire pit (fire-permit required – please ask us if you would like to have a fire and we will inquire with our local fire department)
  • Water for cooking and washing
Millard Learning Centre

Other Facilities

Parking and EV-Station

Limited overnight parking and two EV-charging stations are available at the property entrance by the Galiano Conservancy’s Office.  Some day-use parking is also available at the Classroom and at Chrystal Cove.

Facilities at the Millard Learning Centre entrance include:

  • Two Level-2 EV Chargers (by donation)*
  • Public water-fountain
  • Bike tool-stand

*When parking, please keep clear of all thruways and the emergency traffic turnarounds.  Please don’t block the EV-Station if you are not charging.


The Galiano Conservancy’s main office is located at the entrance to the Millard Learning Centre.  It is open Monday – Friday from 9:30am to 4pm.  Come say hi!

Facilities at the office include:

  • Our award-winning conservation lending-library
  • The Native and Edible Plant Nursery
  • Demonstration gardens for FireSmart native landscaping
  • Demonstration water conservation and renewable energy infrastructure