Why support the GCA?

The Galiano Conservancy Association helps create a world in which people meet their needs through positive connections with the natural world. We protect, restore and monitor precious ecosystems where a healthy environment and a deep love and understanding of nature can grow.

The Galiano Conservancy relies heavily on the support of donors and volunteers like you. Any gift, no matter how small, is important to us and can make a significant difference in our ability to fulfill our mission. Be an agent of change and contribute to preserving natural spaces and spreading environmental knowledge. Join forces with us and make a donation to the Conservancy today!

Together, we accomplish great things.

Becoming a monthly donor is more advantageous to you!

Monthly donations

1. It’s easier on your budget: Because monthly payments spread out the cost over a series of months.

2. It is more convenient: It is much easier to add in monthly charitable giving to the Conservancy as a budget item and have it come out of your bank account each month.

3. Fewer Asks, More Updates: When you subscribe to a monthly donation plan, we contact you less frequently for additional contributions because we already know that you are committed to supporting the Conservancy’s mission. This leaves more time for you to get updates and reports on the progress of our work and on the difference that your contributions are making.

4. You join the Conservancy’s inner circle: Your name will appear in our Annual Report either as a Friend of the Conservancy (under $250/yr). or as part of our Annual Giving Circle ($250+/yr). You are also the first to know when something important happens within the organization.

5. Your impact is compounded: A regular gift made over a longer period of time stacks up in terms of total impact. The power of a recurring donation lies in consistency and long-term returns… so you can rest easy knowing that your gift generates the biggest impact possible for the environment.

6. It helps the GCA be more effective: Single donations are fantastic, but monthly donations critical to mission success, because they provide financial stability. This means we don’t have to spend as much time pursuing new donors each year. Improving our future cash flows makes us a better, more effective organization!

7. We can focus on what matters most

Your monthly donation helps us save time and money. This frees us to focus on the important stuff such as conserving and restoring land, maintaining trails, studying wildlife, passing on a love a nature to younger generations, growing sustainable food, educating the public, and saving the environment.

***If you do not want to donate online, you can mail us your Donation Form with a void cheque.

***U.S. Donors can receive U.S. tax receipts by giving through the Friends of Vancouver Foundation program. Minimum gift of $1,000 in effect (as of Aug. 2018)