A gift in perpetuity

An endowment is an investment fund that creates a perpetual stream of income for the Galiano Conservancy. Leaving an endowment in your will or during your lifetime will create a trust where you gist will be invested forever. The principal remains invested, with only the interest being spent.

Endowments can be contributed to through outright gifts, bequests in your will, death benefits of life insurance, residual interest in property, gift annuities or retirement funds.

In 2008, the Galiano Conservancy Association established an Endowment Fund at the Vancouver Foundation to support its core operations. Donations to this fund support our conservation work in perpetuity and provide much-needed stability to the GCA. We thank you in advance for your generosity!

GCA Endowment Fund at the Vancouver Foundation

The GCA has set up this Endowment Fund with the Vancouver Foundation to support its core operations in perpetuity. Your donation of money, securities, bequests or insurance enables us to:

  1. Provide action-oriented experiential education
  2. Restore damaged ecosystems
  3. Demonstrate ecologically sustainable ways forward, in the areas of food security, renewable energy, sustainable living practices, and species and habitat conservation

Please note:

  • Vancouver Foundation will share your name and donation amount with the fund advisor unless you request anonymity.
  • Donations to this fund are permanently endowed.