Herbal Harvest 2018– Spring Bloom Edition

Galiano Conservancy’s intern Yucco T attended our spring Herbal Harvest. Here are her impressions and her photographs. 

Note: We’ve just announced our Autumn Herbal Harvest. We hope you can join us. 

It was beautiful spring day.

Big Leaf Maple flowers

We learned that there are so many edible plants around us, and that everything has a lot of functions.

Learning about Horse Tail

We also enjoyed tea blending, making kombucha, ginger “bug”, and aromatic vinegar and honey.

Blending tea

We harvested plants to make our own lunch on Sunday and it was awesome!

beautiful salad from Forest Garden

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Reed Osler is the Galiano Conservancy Association’s Education Coordinator. She has been sharing her passion for parks and wild places with the public in a professional capacity for over 15 years. She studied herbalism at Pacific Rim College and is a certified Community Herbalist who is especially passionate about native plants, their edibility and their medicinal uses. She also loves music, theatre and art and incorporates these creative pursuits into her programs with children, youth and adults alike.