Marine Investigations

 Did you know that sea stars have an eye on each arm? Or that barnacles eat with their feet? Grab your gumboots and your specimen buckets to discover the amazing adaptations of rocky shore intertidal creatures in their natural habitat.

Program Overview

Program Length

Single Day


April – October

Low-tide dependent

(Look for days around the full or new moon for the best low tides)



(Montague Harbour Marine Provincial Park)

Recommended Grades

Grades K-12

Curriculum Links

  • Evolutionary adaptations, life cycles and taxonomy of marine intertidal invertebrates
  • Coastal Geology, Oceanography & Climate Change 
  • First People’s knowledge of sustainable practices and concepts of interconnectedness in the environment

UN Sustainable Development Goals

  • 13 – Climate Action
  • 14 – Life in the Water

Program Highlights

Intertidal Free Explore

With guidance from our instructors, participants will carefully and respectfully collect intertidal animals such as hermit crabs, marine worms and tidepool fish. Together, we will learn how each critter’s special adaptations help it live in the constant flux of the intertidal zone.

Subtidal Dock

What’s that funny-looking thing growing on the dock? Take a peek over the side to find rarely-seen low-tide dwellers like sea slugs, urchins and anemones. Students become teachers on the dock through an activity called a “Teaching Train” where kids teach their classmates more about marine invertebrate adaptations, taxonomy and niches.

Sum’nuw Cultural Significance

While walking along a stunning white shell beach (a shell midden) and tidal lagoon, learn about how Hul’qumi’num-speaking peoples have been living on and caring for Sum’nuw (Montague Harbour Marine Provincial Park) for over 3,000 years. 


Costs per group for day and overnight programs


How to get here, what to bring, how to prepare


We can offer financial help to groups in need


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I learned to be more aware of my actions and surroundings and how they affect others.

– Rhys, Age 13

I learned about the many creatures there are in the ocean and the different plants on Galiano.

– Rahim, Age 13

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