Galiano's Coastal Forests

Adult Environmental Education in Galiano’s Coastal Forests

Adult Learning in Coastal Galiano Forests

The Galiano Conservancy is thrilled with the recent collaboration with Panorama Recreation Centre for an adult program. Adults from the ages of 50 to 85 years of age took the short ferry ride over from Swartz Bay to Galiano for our Coastal Forest of Pebble Beach program.

Participants were eager to let their inner child come out to play! With sturdy walking sticks in hand, they embarked on a guided hike. The trail is surrounded by lush moss and towering trees – some up to 600 years old dotting the healthy forest of Pebble Beach. The hike illustrates the complexity of an undisturbed forest, and then leads to our restoration forests which displays a noticeable contrast between the two forest types. By comparing the two forests—one healthy, one in restoration— and analyzing their feeling, understory, size, spacing and soil, participants got an in depth sense of an ecosystem high in biodiversity. For the grand finale, adult participants engaged with hands-on learning of restoration practices – we will pulled down a tree in the densely planted forest to create light gaps so other species can grow.

This program allowed participants to get outside, be active and socialize with new peers. Participants developed social bonds with each other and got to know the local ecosystem. Check out our array of great community programs.

Adult Learners

Adult Learners in Galiano’s Coastal Forests.

What did you like best about the field trip?
“The knowledgeable staff – so helpful and well spoken. ” – Harvey , age 85
“The absolutely gorgeous forests of Galiano/ the beautiful beaches and trails! Excellent experience, I’ll be back!” – Yvette Bhatoa, age 50
“Britt has developed a fun, creative and informative program. Well organized day – great people in the group. Thanks!!!” – Carol P, age 70
“(I) appreciate the work that the conservancy is doing and wish you continual success in the programs you undertake.” – Barry, age 70

What did you learn from the field trip?

“The amazing integration/interdependency of the entire forest.” – Harvey , age 85
“More about the forest around us/ how everything in the forest is interconnected/ the importance of protecting and cherishing our wild areas.”- Yvette Bhatoa, age 50
“Sustainable land management is evolving – knowledge increasing – the hand pulling of the tree was interesting.” – Barry, age 70