Music for the Environmental Soul

The Musical Walkalong for Learning: An Outpouring of Art, a Gift to Students

(Photos by Britt McLeod)

Each August on Galiano Island, something amazing happens in the forest. Musicians, singers and performers make their way into the woods of one of Galiano’s protected natural areas… and they begin to play.

As they fill the air with music, the people of Galiano (and their friends) trek on foot from one side of the island to the other, along shorelines and over hills, to hear the exquisite music, and to raise funds for environmental education.

The event is called the Musical Walkalong for Learning, and each of those walkers has one goal in mind: to raise enough funds through pledges to allow schoolchildren—particularly those from higher-needs schools—to take part in Galiano Conservancy Association’s cutting-edge education programs.

The response this year was amazing: we exceeded all our fundraising goals.

If you believe that your group would benefit from extra financial support to help you make the trip to take part in one of our programs, all you need to do is apply for a program bursary when you book your program. Qualifying classes receive a discount of up to $12 per student for day programs, or up to 30% off the program fee for multi-day programs—and up to 100% of the cost of bus transportation on the island.

What are you waiting for? These performers—and the people who walked to raise funds—would love to know that their talents and hard work went to good use.