Climate Action

Learning Centre: January 2015

Solar systems aren’t just for astronomers

With a new year quickly underway, we are heading up our renewable energy projects with renewed vigour, focusing on getting the solar panel system up and functioning. With the help and expertise of board members and friends in the community with experience using solar, we are in the process of designing the system to fit the new classroom building. this will compliment the solar powered water pump and panels already installed as part of our water system (see photo below).

While it will be a challenge to create a unique system of this kind, the vision of the Learning Centre emphasizes the need to demonstrate alternative ways of living – and sustainable energy generation and water use is key to reducing our impact on the environment. Demonstrating this on our infrastructure is the perfect way to offer hands-on learning to participants and to the wider community – because all these changes really are possible.

Have experience with solar panel systems or have a product to donate for this project?  Reach out and contact us.


Construction continues steadily

The new approximately 1200 sq ft classroom building was a great success for our annual New Year’s Day walk, hosting a group for a tour and bite to eat. Wood stove and roof on, it was a cozy retreat after a refreshing walk around the Learning Centre. Great to see everyone out. Next steps are to finish insulating the roof and to get the electrical work in.

The kitchen will be closed in soon, and we are still in the hunt to get a few kitchen appliances donated. It’s going to be a lovely view for the cook when that room is completed, overlooking the coming food forest and gardening areas in the lower valley, and a beautiful rocky ridge across.

Have (some) experience with construction and want to join our construction crew for a day? Reach out and contact us.