Planting a Seed of Hope – the T. Nile Project

“Planting a seed of hope so that life is meaningful.” Florence James, Penelakut Elder

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T. Nile was a top 20 finalist in the 2012 PEAK Performance Project – a radio bootcamp challenge run by Vancouver’s “World Class Rock” station, The PEAK. “Running”, her new single, is available as a free download with an option to PWYC. All proceeds from the new single will be donated to The Restorative Learning Centre on Galiano Island.

Several days in a natural setting with inspiring mentors can change the direction of a young person’s life. Restoring natural ecosystems; traditional knowledge; and meaning and health in life all come together on Galiano Island in a comprehensive new project.

At the Galiano Conservancy’s Learning Centre, young people have radically transformed in the eyes of themselves, their teachers and peers. Through engaging in hands-on ecological restoration work together for a number of days, they become cooperative, self-confident and motivated team members. They gain courage as they realize they can make a real difference. They carry this knowledge of themselves back into their communities.

Your charitable donation contributes to a legacy of hope for the future among thousands of young people from all walks of life. You are helping to develop the Learning Centre and to enable multi-day programs for urban youth.

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