Audio and Video

One Island, One Earth Interviews

Between July 2021 and April 2022, we interviewed 17 community members; during the same period, the Coast Salish Peoples of Galiano Society interviewed 6 of its members.  Additional Deblekha Guin and Richard Wilson worked with the Galiano Community School to facilitate interviews with community members.  We’ve compiled video clips from two of our interviews and audio clips from the Galiano Community School and presented them below.

Quotes from these interviews and other interviews can be found in the fingerprint report here. 

Short Film

This short film features an interview with Levi Wilson and Emily Menzies, who provide a deep-time perspective on traditional place names and manufactured landscapes, and what they communicate about the worldviews of the Hul’qumi’num-speaking people who call the lands and waters that comprise Galiano Island home.

Short Film

This short film features an interview with Karen and Richard Charlie, who discuss what it means to live off of the land and water, and how this underlines the importance of caring for the Earth for present and future generations.


Audio Collage

In the spring of 2022, Deblekha Guin and Richard Wilson worked with the Upper Intermediate class at The Galiano Community School (12 students between Grades 4-7) to teach them the basics about interviewing and recording on zoom. In the spirit of ‘hands on learning,’ it began with them practicing their interviewing skills by interviewing each other. The next day they worked in groups to interview 5 local elders.

One Earth Sound Collage Facilitators: Richard Wilson, Deblekha Guin

Interviewers: Asher, Catalina, Elija, Hayley, Malakai, Lexi, Mila, Zadie

Interviewees: Bob Bambrick, Cathy Buttery, Laurene Stefanyk, Gord Palmberg, Randy Wolkowsk