Conch fungus at the Great Beaver Swamp

Planting a Seed of Hope – the T. Nile Project

“Planting a seed of hope so that life is meaningful.” Florence James, Penelakut Elder

Donate Now icon T. Nile was a top 20 finalist in the 2012 PEAK Performance Project – a radio bootcamp challenge run by Vancouver’s “World Class Rock” station, The PEAK. “Running”, her new single, is available as a free download with an option to PWYC. All proceeds from the new single will be donated to The Restorative Learning Centre on Galiano Island. Several days in a natural setting with inspiring mentors can change the direction of a young person’s life. Restoring natural ecosystems; traditional knowledge; and meaning and health in life all come together on Galiano Island in a comprehensive new project. At the Galiano Conservancy’s Learning Centre, young people have radically transformed in the eyes of themselves, their teachers and peers. Through engaging in hands-on ecological restoration work together for a number of days, they become cooperative, self-confident and motivated team members. They gain courage as they realize they can make a real difference. They carry this knowledge of themselves back into their communities. Your charitable donation contributes to a legacy of hope for the future among thousands of young people from all walks of life. You are helping to develop the Learning Centre and to enable multi-day programs for urban youth. Donate now.
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Jenna has a B.A. in Geography from McMaster University, and a M.A. in Environmental Studies at UVic. Her research background has focused on peatland ecohydrology and understanding the management challenges of landscape change in the Rocky Mountains. Her position focuses on capacity building activities, partnership development, species at risk recovery and strengthening new and existing fundraising programs. Jenna is passionate about conservation in the Gulf Islands and BC, with a special interest in planned giving as a way of enabling communities and individuals to reach their conservation goals.

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