Advanced Restoration Field School (6 days, 5 nights)

From: $300.00


Based at our very own Millard Learning Centre, join an award-winning effort to restore an ecosystem to its flourishing potential. Learn the skills required to make a forest healthy again—through hands-on forest mapping, surveying and orienteering. Includes a detailed teaching guide.  Curriculum links: Conservation and restoration of ecosystems; sustainability in local ecosystems

In the Advanced Field School, students have the opportunity to create their own restoration program for a plantation forest.

“I learned a lot through out trip to Galiano. Now when I walk through a forest I look at it in a different light. I think, how old are these trees? What made the forest the way it it? Is it healthy? I’m now considering going into forest conservation after graduating.”

Where: Millard Learning Centre on Galiano Island

When: This program is available at your convenience.

Cost: $300/student

What to pack for your overnight experience

How do I book? When you’re ready, use the online booking system above. A 20% deposit is required. Alternately, send your deposit cheque to our office with your requested date, time and your group’s info. Bookings are not secured until we’ve received your deposit.

Have questions? Start with our Galiano Program FAQs.

Cancellation policy: If you cancel less than two weeks from the day, you will forfeit your deposit. Thanks for your understanding.

Logistics: Planning Your Trip to Galiano

Do you qualify for a program bursary? 

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