Backcountry Experience

From: $149.00


Through an unforgettable 3-day experience, this program equips participants with wilderness skills needed for back country exploration.

Experience a variety of natural environments through challenging hikes, natural history activities, and extensive explorations of forests, fresh water and marine ecosystems.

Our skilled staff will guide you through interactive lessons on orienteering, tarp and food cache production, wilderness safety, rope making and knot tying. Pair this with a lot of fun – games, scavenger hunts, cooking over camp stoves, sleeping in tents and exploring the shore by moonlight – and you have our Back Country Experience program!
Generously supported by MEC, this program includes the use of a variety of camping gear.

“I liked the no civilization environment. I could spend time in nature with almost no distraction. This let me take in the learning well.”

“I learned the importance of maintaining an ecosystem and understanding it.”

“I learned how to set up tarps, tents, stoves, hiking bags, and learned about different species.”

I will be more conscious of how certain species will help environments; I will treat them with more respect ex. alder trees.”

Where: Millard Learning Centre on Galiano Island

When: This program is available at your convenience.

Cost: $149/student

What to pack for your overnight experience

How do I book? When you’re ready, use the online booking system above. A 20% deposit is required. Alternately, send your deposit cheque to our office with your requested date, time and your group’s info. Bookings are not secured until we’ve received your deposit.

Have questions? Start with our Galiano Program FAQs.

Cancellation policy: If you cancel less than two weeks from the day, you will forfeit your deposit. Thanks for your understanding.

Logistics: Planning Your Trip to Galiano

Do you qualify for a program bursary? 

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  1. admin

    Amazing experience – so much learning. Will recommend program. Plan to return next year! Thank you! – Karen Ibbott, Teacher, Cambie Secondary

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