Mountain Top Garry Oaks

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The Garry Oak meadow high atop Mount Galiano is a breathtaking place to see the interconnectivity in one of Canada’s most endangered ecosystems—one that First Nations have been managing for thousands of years. After a scenic and challenging hike, students will actively engage in restoration through the removal of invasive plants, and discover how Garry Oak meadows can help us adapt to a changing climate.

Curriculum link: Conservation and Restoration of Ecosystems (Gr.11)

Where: Millard Learning Centre on Galiano Island

When: This program is available at your convenience. It takes about 5 hours and yes, you can do it in a day trip from Vancouver or Victoria. 

Cost: $32/student for groups of 15 students or more. Smaller groups, please contact us. 

Special equipment or clothing?  Dress for variable Gulf Islands weather: warm sweaters, sturdy footwear, and sunscreen. 

Food and water: Bring your own lunches and drinking water. 

How do I book? When you’re ready, use the online booking system above. A 20% deposit is required. Alternately, send your deposit cheque to our office with your requested date, time and your group’s info. Bookings are not secured until we’ve received your deposit. 

How long is the hike we’ll be doing to get to Gary Oak Meadows?
The hike up to the top is about 1 hour and we gain just over 300m in elevation

What other physical activity will the students be doing?
Other than hiking up the mountain, students will be doing some restoration work at the top, which means they will be using loppers (like large pruners) to remove broom. We will have gloves for them and will talk about safety. They will also be doing a wildflower ID activity where they will hunt for different wildflowers in groups. Also included is a teaching train activity about Garry Oaks which involves some walking at the top.

Is there any additional information about the specific “Quest for the Mountain Top” program that you could give me?
The activities and restoration work we will be doing will focus around Garry Oak ecosystems – here is a link to a useful website if you want to start learning about these systems.

This PDF also has useful background info.

Some key concepts include invasive species and species at risk and indigenous management of ecosystems as well as rare and endangered ecosystems

Have questions? Start with our Galiano Program FAQs.

Cancellation policy: If you cancel less than two weeks from the day, you will forfeit your deposit. Thanks for your understanding.

Logistics: Planning Your Trip to Galiano

Do you qualify for a program bursary? 

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