Program Length

Singe day or overnight

Recommended Grades

Grades 3-12


Millard Learning Centre


Year round

Curriculum Topics

  • Principles of Energy
  • Electricity, circuits and Ohm’s Law
  • Solar, wind and water renewable energy technology
  • Energy sustainability and climate change, nature-based solutions to climate change

UN Sustainable Development Goals

  • 7 – Affordable and Clean Energy
  • 12 – Responsible Consumption and Production
  • 13 – Climate Action
  • 15 – Life on Land

Principles of Energy

Put your pedal to the metal and learn about energy conservation and transformations. Power an electrical disco laser-light show with pedal power alone in our “Generation Station” energy bike shed.

Ohmmmmmmm’s Law

Resistors, transistors and capacitors – “Ohm” my! Build your own electrical circuits, discover how electricity is regulated by resistance, voltage and current, and learn how to measure electrical data with a multimeter.

The Power of the Sun

Race solar cars, generate electricity from solar panels and build a solar S’more oven as you harness the power of electromagnetic radiation.

The Power of Wind and Water

Collaborate with others to build and test the most powerful and efficient wind turbine in a STEM-design challenge. Get busy as a beaver down at Chrystal Creek and build your own hydro dams to power small water turbines.

Nature, Energy and Climate

Life sized Jenga! Through a game of Jenga, students will engage with the principles of carbon emissions and carbon sinks, gaining a hands-on understanding of the delicate balance within the carbon cycle.

Take Home Materials

A free digital Renewable Energy Resource Package for teachers and students is available for download below.


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