A Secluded Wetland

Finlay Lake is one of Galiano Island’s largest wetlands. It exhibits high rates of biodiversity, and provides key breeding and feeding areas for birds, insects and amphibians.  Although water levels are maintained by a human-made dam erected in the early 1900s, the rarity of wetlands both at the regional (4.9% of the Islands Trust Area) and local levels (1.4% of Galiano Island Local Trust Area) makes Finlay Lake a priority site for conservation. Protection of the Finlay Lake property directly contributes to the conservation of foraging and/or breeding habitat for at least 54 species of bird (including at least 14 non-waterfowl migratory species, as well as several provincially Blue listed species and SARA listed species). It also secures habitat supporting all stages of the life cycle for species such as beaver, red-legged frog (blue-listed), pacific sideband snail (blue listed), and blue dasher dragonfly (blue listed).

In addition to protecting this ecosystem, the Galiano Conservancy currently assists in the maintenance of the dam and in removing target invasive species from the property, including English holly (Ilex aquifolium) and spurge-laurel (Daphne laureola).

Finlay Lake
Finlay Lake

At a Glance

  • Size: 6.73 ha
  • Legal Description: Lot 1, Block 9, District Lot 5, Galiano Island, Parcel Identifier 006-620-965
  • Covenant Holders: Islands Trust Conservancy
  • Acquisition Year: 2014 – Donation (Estate of Marjorie McClelland)

Nature Sanctuary

This property is closed to the public in order to protect sensitive ecosystems.

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