learning centre

The Facility: Millard Learning Centre

The Millard Learning Centre offers a rustic campground, a solar-powered classroom building, washroom/shower facility and a parking area with EV-charging stations.

Classroom Building

The classroom building has a full-service kitchen, learning hall and washroom & shower facility. It can be rented by K-12 school groups in overnight education programs, university field schools or by members of the public*

*If you are a member of the public and would like to rent the classroom building please speak with a Conservancy staff member.


  • Fridge/ Freezer and food storage space
  • Gas-powered stove-top & oven
  • Industrial kitchen sink, dish soap & dish towels
  • Cookware [eg. big & small pots, pans, strainers, cooking utensils like spatulas, tongs, ladels etc.]
  • Dinnerware for approximately 50 people [eg. utensils, napkins, big & small plates, bowls etc.]
  • Waste disposal [compost, recycling & garbage]*

*If you can pack in and pack out all your non-compostable waste we’d greatly appreciate it!

Learning Hall

building interior

The learning hall is suitable for up to 40-50 people as a classroom or meal area. If the weather gets nasty, campground users are welcome to sleep in the learning hall.

The learning hall has the following amenities:

  • Fireplace [classroom users are welcome to use firewood on deck]
  • Chairs & tables
  • Projector [HDMI connection only]
  • Printer [please note printing costs are additional to facility rental]
  • Wifi [restricted to adults for K-12 education programming and cannot be used for streaming purposes (eg. Netflix binge-sessions)]

Washroom & Shower Facility

Washrooms and showers are gender neutral and have the following:

  • 4 sinks
  • 3 flush toilets
  • 2 showers
  • We stock toilet paper, hand soap and towels for hand drying but do not provide shampoo/ soap or towels for shower use


The Campground is easily accessible from the parking loop and classroom building (approximately 50m from both of these areas).

Note that camping at the Learning Centre is only available to groups taking part in educational programming or university field courses. Please speak with us if you are planning on bringing a group larger than 76 people.

The campground has:

  • 13 large tent pads which can accommodate 3-person sized tents or approximately up to 39 people total [Additional campers are welcome to sleep in the grassy meadow between the campground and classroom as long as it doesn’t inhibit education programming the next day]
  • Two gender-neutral outhouses [participants are welcome to use flush toilets in classroom building if they prefer]
  • Picnic tables & covered picnic area
  • Community fire pit [fire-permit required – please ask us if you would like to have a fire and we will inquire with our local fire department]

Parking & EV-Station

Limited overnight parking and two EV-charging stations are available at the top of the property by the Conservancy’s office. EV-charging is by donation.

When parking, please keep clear of all thruways and the emergency traffic loops by the classroom building and Chrystal Cove.


Our washroom and shower facility is wheelchair accessible.

[October 2019] We are in the process of upgrading the wheelchair ramp which gives access to the learning hall and kitchen. There is currently a ramp in place however it is at a steep grade, so assistance may be required to access the classroom building.

Paths by the classroom and campground facility are maintained chip trails or are located in relatively flat grassy areas. During wetter seasons, these may be slightly more difficult to navigate for those with mobility conditions.

Please speak with us if you have any accessibility concerns.


The Millard Learning Centre is not a private campground.

The Classroom, Frontcountry and Backcountry campgrounds may be rented by groups/ individuals who are involved in GCA environmental education programs, GCA volunteer events or who are using the space for other environmental education purposes.

If you are interested in renting facilities at the Millard Learning Centre, please contact us.

Office telephone: 250-539-2424
Email: bookings@galianoconservancy.ca