Banded Cord-Moss (Entosthodon fascicularis)



  • BC: Blue – S2S3 (2015)
  • COSEWIC: Special Concern
  • SARA: Special Concern
  • Global: Apparently Secure (2001)
  • Galiano Island Status: Confirmed


Banded cord-moss is a small pale green to yellow-green moss that grows 2 to 4mm high. It occurs in small patches on seasonally wet soil. The leaves are crowded at the summit of the stem and up to 5 mm in length. An inconspicuous moss, Banded cord-moss is often hidden among litter and other mosses.


Banded cord-moss usually grows on soil, sometimes in leaf litter with other mosses or around the base of plants. The species is found in open to semi-shaded habitat with rock outcrops and seasonally wet areas, such as vernal pools.


It is relatively rare in North America, found only in British Columbia, Washington, Idaho, and Oregon. There are at least 24 populations in British Columbia, 17 of which are found along the southwest coast.


The primary threats to banded cord-moss include urban or highway development, hiking, grazing by wildfowl, and usage of some areas by dogs. However, most of the reported populations are in relatively protected areas or isolated sites that are probably not affected by the majority of these factors. A further threat may be climate change and long periods of drought.

Galiano Status

A population has been documented on Mount Galiano.

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