Carpet Burweed (Soliva sessilis)



Low growing winter annual with finely divided leaves and small white flowers.


This South American annual has moved into Garry Oak ecosystems, where it forms a dense carpet.  On Galiano Island, it is rare but occasionally encountered at select sites in woodlands and open ecosystems.  It typically grows in areas that are wet in the winter, and dry and disturbed in the summer, such as pathways.


Shares a similar pattern of growth with many native annuals of Garry Oak systems, effectively replacing them where it grows in dense populations.


Management activities must take place in the winter, prior to flowering and seed set.  Small populations can be carefully hand-pulled, bagged, and disposed of in the landfill or by burning.  Larger populations can be treated with a propane torch in the wet season.

Our Experience

This plant is established in a few locations but is not yet a major problem on Galiano.  Island residents should keep an eye out for it, and notify the landowner and the Invasive Species Council of BC if they encounter it.

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