Nootka Rose

Rosa nutkana
  • Hul’qumi’num Name: qel’qulhp
  • Description: Thicket-forming deciduous shrub up to 3m tall, spreading by rhizomes. Erect, prickly stems give rise to fragrant, pink five-petaled flowers, followed by juicy hips.
  • Habitat: Favours rich, moist soils. Found in forest edges, streambanks, clearings, fields, shorelines, and thickets.
  • Harvest: Petals in spring. Hips in late summer to early fall.
  • Edibility: Petals make a fragrant tea. Hips are high in Vitamin C and used in teas, jams, and jellies.
  • Fun Fact: The leaves and petals, when infused in vinegar, make an astringent spray to treat sunburns.

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