Pacific Rockmoss (Bucklandiella syn. Racomitrium pacifica)



  • BC: Blue – S3 (2015)
  • COSEWIC: Not Ranked
  • SARA: Not Ranked
  • Global: Vulnerable (1999)
  • Galiano Island Status: Confirmed


Medium-sized to rather large moss. Coarse and rigid, loosely or densely caespitose, somewhat lustrous, dark green, olivaceous to yellow- or brownish green in the distal part, brown proximally.


Dry or seasonally submerged to occasionally irrigated, usually exposed boulders, cliffs, less often on perennially wet outcrops and moist, diffusely lit boulders and rock ledges, as well as on soil over rocks and sometimes on sandy soil, predominantly on acidic, less often on basic but not strongly calcareous substrates.


Endemic to the Pacific Northwest, occurs in southwestern British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, and northern California


Road building and quarrying pose threats to this species.

Galiano Status

A population has been documented at Bellhouse Provincial Park.

Photo Credit

Andrew Simon and Connor

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