Perfume Currant

Ribes bracteosum
  • Hul’qumi’num Name: s’peetth
  • Description: Fragrant, glandular deciduous shrub to 3m tall. The leaves have a maple-leaf shape, with deep lobes. Flowers are white in long, erect clusters, followed by berries.
  • Habitat: Streambanks, swamps, seeps, and moist forested areas.
  • Pair with: Salmonberry, osoberry, elderberry, red alder, and bigleaf maple.
  • Fun Fact: This delightfully aromatic species was given the malodorous epithet ‘stink currant’ by early settlers, butits perfume makes it a wonderful addition to a wet area. The berries are savored by birds, and are worth sampling – sometimes they’re tasty!

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