Poison Hemlock (Conium maculatum)



Robust herbaceous biennial with finely dissected leaves and hollow stem with purple spots, growing up to 3 m tall.  Large, showy white umbels inflorescences are reminiscent of carrot flowers.


This European species establishes on wet sites with rich, disturbed soils.  On Galiano Island, it is uncommon in disturbed seepage areas and riparian zones.


Poison hemlock is deadly poisonous and should never be ingested.  It can outcompete native riparian vegetation.


Protective gear, including rubber gloves, a face shield, and thick clothing should be worn when removing poison hemlock.  Young plants can be pulled; ensure that the entire taproot has been removed.  Larger plants can be cut off at the base, repeatedly if necessary.  Flowers can be cut and bagged.  All plants parts should be bagged and disposed of in a landfill.

Our Experience

This species is still uncommon on Galiano and should be removed wherever it occurs by a professional.

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