Propertius Duskywing (Erynnis propertius)



  • BC: Red – S2 (2020)
  • COSEWIC: Not ranked
  • SARA: Not ranked
  • Global: Secure (2020)
  • Galiano Island Status: Confirmed


This rare butterfly is black and grey speckled with white spots on the forewing and hooked antennae. Oak leaves are the exclusive food plant for the caterpillars, and the pupae are found in the leaf litter below. Food plant sources for the butterfly include the nectar from several Garry oak meadow flowers, including camas, vetch and Hooker’s onion, and therefore the survival of this species depends on the preservation of large Garry oak woodlands.


Hill tops and forest edges in Garry oak or mixed woodland ecosystems from sea-level to middle elevations.


Galiano Island is near the northern limit of the propertius duskywing butterflies, which stretch as far south as Baja California.


Any threat to Garry Oak woodlands, such as urban development encroachment and degradation of natural environments through invasive species are threats to this species.

Galiano Status

Populations have been documented across Galiano Island in areas where Garry oak ecosystems occur.

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