Western Hemlock

Tsuga heterophylla
  • Hul’qumi’num Name: thq’iinlhp
  • Description: Coniferous tree growing up to 60m tall. Bark is rough, furrowed and reddish-brown. Needles are blunt and vary in length, producing flat sprays. Recognizable by its drooping leader.
  • Habitat: Can grow in dry-wet sites and is very shade tolerant. Often found growing on decaying wood or ‘nurse logs’.
  • Pair with: Douglas-fir, evergreen huckleberry, salal, sword fern, false lily-of-the-valley, and western redcedar.
  • Fun Fact: A climax species, the tallest known hemlock is over 73m tall and the oldest are around 1200 years old.

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