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Stewardship Consultations

Do you own property on Galiano or another Southern Gulf Island? Are you wondering:
  • How to care for your land?
  • What kinds of plants and ecosystem types you have on your property?
  • Where you maybe should or should not develop?
  • What kinds of native plants you could incorporate into your gardening?
Contact Keith, our Conservation Coordinator and Registered Professional Biologist for a Stewardship Consulation on your property, via email or at (250) 539-2424
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Keith is a registered professional biologist and has worked for the Galiano Conservancy since 1998. His main passion is ecosystem based planning. He has a broad diversity of experience that includes forest ecology, GIS mapping, and ecological restoration. Keith's inspiration is rooted in a deep connection with his home place and is stoked through sharing his work and experiences with youth and adults participating in the Conservancy's learning programs and internships.

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