Sid has been part of our Galiano community since the summer of 2017 and lives here with his
cat, Caju, about 1/2 the year. He comes from an academic background as he is a professor of
Electrical and Computer Engineering at The University of British Columbia since 1998. His
research deals with designing better computer interfaces for people as well as modeling the
human vocal tract. His long-term research goal is to make a voice instrument that can be
played. He brings academic expertise in machine learning, computer interface design, musical
instrument design, modelling biological tissues and biomechanics. As an engineer, he brings a
wealth of pragmatic knowledge and know-how to solve problems such as found in electrical
installations, construction projects, broken pieces of equipment or just a pipe that needs fixing.
For 12 years, he was the director of a research centre called the Media and Graphics
Interdisciplinary Centre (MAGIC), thus, brings management and HR experience to the board. He
believes in finding creative approaches to find win-win-win solutions to complex problems.
While on Galiano, if he’s not enjoying working on his endless list of home and garden projects,
he’s cooking up a storm, walking the trails and occasionally trying to learn how to wing foil in
Montague harbour.

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