Secondary School Programs

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High School Day Programs ($32/student)

Marine Investigations (Grades 8-12)

Starting on Shell Beach (a First Nations midden) we will journey through a beautiful forest, past a tidal lagoon and along a shoreline, to the intertidal zone where we use nets and buckets to catch, identify and release a remarkable diversity of animals. In a “Teaching Train”, the students become the teachers, showing each other the creatures they have learned about.

Curriculum link: Water Systems on Earth (Gr. 8)

Coastal Forests of Pebble Beach (Grades 8-12)

A forest’s story is written on the landscape. We will compare two forests—one healthy, one in restoration—analyzing their feeling, understory, size, spacing and soil. Together we will pull a tree down in the densely planted forest to create light gaps so other species can grow. We’ll take a hands-on look at carbon sequestration, and the climate resilience of our West Coast forests.

Curriculum link: Humans can play a role in conservation and restoration of ecosystems (Gr.11)

Mountain Top Garry Oaks (Grades 8-12)

The Garry Oak meadow high atop Mount Galiano is a breathtaking place to see the interconnectivity in one of Canada’s most endangered ecosystems—one that First Nations have been managing for thousands of years. Students will actively engage in restoration through the removal of invasive plants, and discover how Garry Oak meadows can help us adapt to a changing climate.

Curriculum link: Conservation and Restoration of Ecosystems (Gr.11)

The Future of Food (Grades 11-12)

Getting their hands dirty in our cutting-edge Food Forest through activities like planting and harvesting, students will get practical experience with renewable food systems and agriculture practice, and understand the environmental, social and economic significance of sustainable agriculture.

Curriculum link: Sustainable Resources (Gr. 11-12)

Watershed Warriors (Grades 11-12)

Galiano Island’s compact landscape gives us a rare opportunity to hike from the headwaters of a watershed down to the estuary in a single day, doing water quality testing, aquatic invertebrate study, and an inventory of the flora and fauna—with an optional hands-on restoration component.

Curriculum link: Global water systems (Gr. 12); Sustainability in Local Ecosystems and Conservation and Restoration of Local Ecosystems (Gr. 11)

Galiano Eco Safari (Grades 11-12)

This is a stunning hike from the Learning Centre along high, dry coastal ridges, through lush green Douglas fir forests, to our amazing Great Beaver Swamp. Along the way we’ll note how changing moisture and soils bring drastic changes in the plant and animal life we see. By the end, we’ll have had a hands-on look at how a diversity of landscape brings a diversity of life.

Curriculum link: Land Use and Sustainability (Gr.12)

Overnight Programs (From $149/student)

Backcountry Experience (3 days, 2 nights)

Engage with the wild back-country through natural history activities, and gain wildlife awareness. Learn to navigate with a compass through rare coastal old-growth forests. Hike into experiential learning!

Curriculum link: Diversity in Local Ecosystems (Gr. 11)

Forest Forensics Restoration Field School

Module 1 (3 days)

Based at our stunning 188-acre Millard Learning Centre, join a unique and award-winning effort to restore an ecosystem to its flourishing potential. In Module 1, learn the skills required to make a forest healthy again—through hands-on forest mapping, surveying and orienteering. Students will be immersed in native ecology and ecological succession as linked to the BC Environmental Sciences curriculum. Accommodation is included.

Module 2 (3 days)

Pre-requisite: Module 1. Lend a hand in rehabilitating an ecosystem’s integrity. Continue restoration efforts in the planted forest by implementing a student-led treatment plan. A tree pull will be demonstrated, and students will select trees to save or thin based on surrounding species, moisture content and soil quality.

Curriculum links: Conservation and Restoration of Local Ecosystems (Gr 11); Land Use and Sustainability (Gr. 12)

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We are currently developing programs with local Indigenous educators. Please contact us for more details.

Getting to Galiano is Easy

Galiano Island is located midway between Vancouver and Victoria, easily accessible via BC Ferries. Walk on, and we’ll meet you on the other side with our school bus. More information here. 

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