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Annual Reports

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Stewardship News

The Conservancy produces occassional newsletters for the community called Stewardship News. It is mailed to all members and all Galiano residents. Back issues available at the Conservancy office. Stewardship News Spring 2018 NEW! Stewardship News Winter 2016 Mini Stewardship News, Winter 2015 Stewardship News, Winter 2014 Stewardship News, Spring 2011 Stewardship News, Winter 2009 Stewardship News, Spring 2006

Seasonal E-News Updates

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Learning Centre Education and Field Programs

Introductory Document: Building Connections with Nature: Click here. UVic Undergraduate Field Courses: In February 2013, August 2014 and July 2015, a collaborative field course called Advanced Principles and Concepts in Ecological Restoration, and in 2015 Restoration and Sustainability, has been run on Galiano. Designed by Eric Higgs, a professor in UVic School of Environmental Studies, this course ran successfully, completely stationed at the Learning Centre in 2014 (in 2013 students had accommodations at GIFTS). Click here for the 2014 course report. See the link here for information on the course website, and here for more information on our website. Classroom Building Relocation – Phase 1 Infrastructure Development: The classroom building (previously known as the Aspa building), has been donated by Vaagen Fibre Canada. it was built by Silva Forest Foundation in the BC Interior and is the most recent infrastructure addition at the Learning Centre for the campground. Two teams went to the Kootenays in July 2014 to deconstruct the building, and it was trucked to Galiano. Click here for report. Classroom Building Solar Report – Phase 1 Infrastructure Development: The classroom building at the Learning Centre campground now has a fully functioning solar panel system with a 4.6 kW capacity. Click here for report.


The Conservancy produces an occasional publication titled: Archipelago: News, views, & interviews on island community and conservation. It is mailed to all members. Back issues of this publication are available at the Conservancy Office. Archipelago Vol. 9, 2005 Archipelago Vol. 8, 2004


Sustaining People and Landscapes: What is sustainability? Take a tour with participants from Grandparents Raising Grandchildren, Victoria Immigrant and Refugee Centre Society, and the Galiano Conservancy Association to learn about sustainability through education programs with the Galiano Learning Centre. The Galiano Learning Centre will lead by example in the areas of food security, waste recycling, alternative energy, and ecological restoration and will foster a connection with our natural environment in order to answer the question of how we as individuals can live in a sustainable way. Ocean and Forest: Musician T. Nile teams up with the Galiano Conservancy to bring a group of Vancouver students to the site of our future Learning Centre on Galiano Island. Thank you to all our supporters – with your help we can make the Galiano Restorative Learning Centre a reality! Special thanks to T. Nile, Elsie Roy Elementary, and Reem Morsi for putting this wonderful video together. Let It Rot: a 6:36 min film made by the Galiano Conservancy Association and the Gulf Islands Film and Television School. This is a brief, on the ground, and in the canopy, glimpse into our intensive forest restoration project in the Pebble Beach Reserve. The Mystery at Laughlin Lake: a 7:53 min video clip on our YouTube channel Skyline: a 2:24 min video clip by Brie Wittman & Laura Blackadar on our YouTube channel Tree Pull: a 1:36 min video clip by Brie Wittman & Laura Blackadar on our YouTube channel Rockfish: Protecting Canada’s Coastal Greats; a 3:01 min film by Darienne Lancaster Speaker Series from March 5-6 2016 Rockfish Conservation Forum in order of appearance: Jeff Marliave from Vancouver Aquarium; Lily Burke from UVic Environmental Studies; Dana Haggarty from UBC/DFO; Alex Barron from CPAWS; Darienne Lancaster from UVic Environmental Studies; Jenna Falk from Gailano Conservancy Association; Andy Lamb from Marine Life Sanctuaries Society of BC during our live dive and creature discovery field trip to Spanish Hills

Species at Risk

What You Should Know about Rockfish Conservation Areas around Galiano, 2012 Rockfish Populations around Galiano Island, 2013 research report Galiano Species at Risk Inventory 2011 report Rockfish News Island Tides Insert produced by Galiano Conservancy and Valdes Island Conservancy, 2015 See this page on our website for additional rockfish conservation materials (posters, maps etc.) Rockfish Conservation Areas in the Salish Sea: Compliance and Community-Based Initiatives – Research Report by UVic ES student Alanna Vachon, Research Assistant working with the GCA summer 2015

Restoration Papers

Forest Restoration Report, 2009 The soil nutrient state of an ecological restoration area compared to natural regeneration on Galiano Island, BC, Canada, 2005 Restoring the Forest in a Young Coastal Douglas-fir Plantation, 2004 Making Connections – Forest Restoration on Galiano Island, 2003 (Environment Canada) Climate Change and Biodiversity: Implications for Monitoring, Science and Adaptive Planning. See section or pages 110-112 for a case study focusing on the Conservancy’s biodiversity monitoring work at the Pebble Beach Reserve and across Galiano. Full report here. (Environment Canada) Biodiversity best practices handbook 2009 : case studies from the environmental non-government sector. See page 13 for a highlight of the Conservancy’s work. Community-based Planning Documents Collaborative Conservation Planning – Brochure (2 x 2 pages), 2013 Resource Guide to Collaborative Conservation Planning by Deborah Curran, 2013 Galiano Restorative Learning Centre – Management Plan, 2013 Galiano UP-CLOSE Community Workshop Series Summary – description, results and recommendations Galiano UP-CLOSE Final Report

Mapping Projects

Conservation Areas on Galiano Island (2013) Mid Galiano Island Protected Areas Network (2013) The Galiano Learning Centre – Ecological Communities (2012) Eagle nests on Galiano Island (2008)